PDK Timesheet HDR (PDK10000)

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Product: Project Accounting (258)
Series: Project

Display Name: PDK Timesheet HDR
Physical Name: PDK10000
Technical Name: PDK_Timesheet_HDR

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1PDK_Timesheet_TRX_Type SearchPDK Timesheet TRX TypePDK_DDL_Trx_TypeInteger0
2PDK_TS_No SearchPDK TS No.PDK_Document_NumberString30
3PDK_Ref_Doc_No SearchPDK Reference Document No.PDK_Document_NumberString30
4PDK_Document_Status SearchPDK Document StatusPDK_DDL_Document_StatusInteger0
5PDK_Trx_Source SearchPDK Trx SourceINT1Integer1
6PDK_Remote_Change SearchPDK Remote ChangeBooleanBoolean0
7PADOCDT SearchPA Document DatePA_DateDate8
8PAYR SearchPA YearINT4Integer4
9EMPLOYID SearchEmployee IDSTR15_Employee_IDString15
10PAREPD SearchPA Reporting PeriodINT3Integer3
11PA_Employed_By SearchPA Employed ByPA_DDL_Employed_ByInteger0
12PAREPDT SearchPA Reporting DatePA_DateDate8
13PAPeriodEndDate SearchPA Period End DateDATEDate6
14PACOMM SearchPA CommentSTR50String50
15PAUD1 SearchPA User Defined 1STR20String20
16PAUD2 SearchPA User Defined 2STR20String20
17PDK_Total_Quantity SearchPDK Total QuantityPDK_DLR19_RBS0Currency19
18PAtotcosts SearchPA Total CostsPA_DLR17_RBS0_STR$Currency17
19PATACRV SearchPA Total Accrued RevenuesDLR17_RBS0_UTR$Currency17
20NOTEID SearchNote IDSTR30String30
21PDK_Reporting_Suffix SearchPDK Reporting SuffixPA_STR5String5
22LNITMSEQ SearchLine Item SequenceLI_Sequence_NumberLong Integer10
23MANAGER SearchManagerSTR15_Employee_IDString15
24Manager_Approval_Status SearchManager Approval StatusPDK_Document_Approval_StatusInteger0
25SUPERVISOR SearchSupervisorSTR30String30
26Sup_Approval_Status SearchSupervisor Approval StatusPDK_Document_Approval_StatusInteger0
27Administrator SearchAdministratorSTR15_Employee_IDString15
28Admin_Approval_Status SearchAdmin Approval StatusPDK_Document_Approval_StatusInteger0
29CURNCYID SearchCurrency IDSTR15_Currency_IDString15
Key to the Currency Setup (MC40200).

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       ['PDK Timesheet HDR'].CURNCYID AS 'PDK Timesheet HDR-Currency ID'
       ,['Currency Setup'].CURNCYID AS 'Currency Setup-Currency ID'
       PDK10000 AS ['PDK Timesheet HDR']
       DYNAMICS..MC40200 AS ['Currency Setup']
                     ['PDK Timesheet HDR'].CURNCYID = ['Currency Setup'].CURNCYID
30CURRNIDX SearchCurrency IndexINT3Integer3
Key to the Currency Setup (MC40200).

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       ['PDK Timesheet HDR'].CURRNIDX AS 'PDK Timesheet HDR-Currency Index'
       ,['Currency Setup'].CURRNIDX AS 'Currency Setup-Currency Index'
       PDK10000 AS ['PDK Timesheet HDR']
       DYNAMICS..MC40200 AS ['Currency Setup']
                     ['PDK Timesheet HDR'].CURRNIDX = ['Currency Setup'].CURRNIDX
31RATETPID SearchRate Type IDSTR15_Rate_Type_IDString15
Key to the Multicurrency Rate Type Setup (MC40100).

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       ['PDK Timesheet HDR'].RATETPID AS 'PDK Timesheet HDR-Rate Type ID'
       ,['Multicurrency Rate Type Setup'].RATETPID AS 'Multicurrency Rate Type Setup-Rate Type ID'
       PDK10000 AS ['PDK Timesheet HDR']
       MC40100 AS ['Multicurrency Rate Type Setup']
                     ['PDK Timesheet HDR'].RATETPID = ['Multicurrency Rate Type Setup'].RATETPID
32EXGTBLID SearchExchange Table IDSTR15_Exchange_Table_IDString15
Key to the Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance (MC00100).

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       ['PDK Timesheet HDR'].EXGTBLID AS 'PDK Timesheet HDR-Exchange Table ID'
       ,['Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance'].EXGTBLID AS 'Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance-Exchange Table ID'
       PDK10000 AS ['PDK Timesheet HDR']
       DYNAMICS..MC00100 AS ['Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance']
                     ['PDK Timesheet HDR'].EXGTBLID = ['Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance'].EXGTBLID
33XCHGRATE SearchExchange RateDLR14_Exchange_RateCurrency (Variable)14
34EXCHDATE SearchExchange DateDT_DateDate6
35TIME1 SearchTimeTM6Time6
36RTCLCMTD SearchRate Calculation MethodGBInteger0
37DENXRATE SearchDenomination Exchange RateDLR14_Exchange_RateCurrency (Variable)14
38MCTRXSTT SearchMC Transaction StateINT1Integer1
39PAORIGTOTCOSTS SearchPA Originating Total CostsDLR17_RBS0_UTR$Currency17
40PAORIACCRREV SearchPA Originating Accrued RevenuesDLR17_RBS0_UTR$Currency17
41PATSNO SearchPA Timesheet No.STR17_LBAUString17
42PAREFNO SearchPA Reference Document No.STR17_LBAUString17
43PDK_Proxy_ID SearchPDK Proxy IDSTR15_Employee_IDString15
44PDK_TS_App_Update SearchPDK TS App UpdatePDK_DDL_TS_App_UpdateInteger0
45MODIFDT SearchModified DateDTDate8
46Modified_Time SearchModified TimeTM6Time6
47APRVLUSERID SearchApproval User IDSTR15_User_IDString15
48APPRVLDT SearchApproval DateDATEDate6
49DEX_ROW_ID Searchintint10

DEX_ROW_ID is an auto-numbered IDENTITY column used internally by Dexterity for lock management; it should not be used by developers to identify any particular piece of information.

Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez has a good write up on the DEX_ROW_ID column.

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