There are a fair number of really good resources out there on Microsoft Dynamics GP, but, unfortunately, some of them disappear through time. One of the casualties was the GP Table Reference, which closed down a while ago. I’m not sure who was behind the site, but it has been missed.

To that end, I have built this site. It is a work in progress, and will likely always be. Through time, I’m going to be adding more information on the fields and example SQL for how tables join together (the SDK and over a decade of experience working with Microsoft Dynamics GP is hopefully going to be useful).

While a number of resources were used in the construction of this site, the GP Power Tools from Winthrop Development Consultants proved an invaluable one. The Resource Information tool in particular was incredibly useful for getting table and field information which had been taking me a while to compile using other methods; it also allowed me to build the products not used in the UK and which I had not done any work on in the past.

This site is intended to be a replacement for the old gptablereference.com site, and I intend to keep it up to date. However, its information will likely lag the release of a new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP before I get the site updated and it will generally be tied to the latest version of the Dynamics GP. For table information which is always for the version of Dynamics GP you’re running and where the availability of the information is not at the vagaries of the Internet, GP Power Tools, when installed to your Dynamics GP implementation, will give you an always available, immediately searchable, source of much more information than available here.

Further, GP Power Tools allows you to search on any piece of information such as a table’s Physical or Technical Name or even a field or column name to see the related information. And searching through GP Power Tools will show you the information only for your deployment of Dynamics GP, including the custom or ISV dictionaries installed (and not just the ones I have chosen to list).

The functions used from GP Power Tools in the creation of this site, are only a very small part of the functionality offered by the GP Power Tools. More information on GP Power Tools is available from Winthrop Development Consultant’s GP Power Tools product page or from the GP Power Tools Portal.

GP Power Tools is distributed by Mekorma.

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  1. Hey there.

    I was wondering if you have an API version of this reference avaiable, and if not, would you be interested in working with me on it? Reason I ask: I have an idea for a tool for consultants where they can execute a query against a customer’s database, and have it extract all of the “custom” files, like views, tables, sprocs, etc. I was considering building a reference like this, but if I could reference yours, that would be a good dovetail. Thoughts?

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