PA Audit Trail Code Lookup Temp (PAADTRCD)PA Invent Transfer Line (eePAIVLN)PA Inventory Returned Quantities (EEPAIVRQ)paUPRFICA (PAUPR01)GST PA Purchasing Receipt (GST00103)GST PA Purchasing Receipt (GST00104)PA Purchasing Tax History (GST00105)GST PA PM Class MSTR (GST00111)PA Customer Periodic Totals MSTR (PA00511)PA Equipment Rate Table LINE (PA01407)PDK Timesheet Delegates (PDK00101)PDK Employee Expense Delegates (PDK00102)PDK Timesheet Template Header (PDK00300)PDK Timesheet Template LINE (PDK00301)PDK Billing Notes Master (PDK01601)PDK Timesheet HDR (PDK10000)PDK Timesheet LINE (PDK10001)PDK Employee Expense HDR (PDK10500)PDK Employee Expense LINE (PDK10501)PDK Employee Expense Tax WORK (PDK10502)PDK eExpense (PDK10503)PDK Report Options (PDK70101)PA Proj Contr Activity Master (PA000001)PA Adjustment Activity (PA000002)PA Fee Master File (PA00401)PA Project Fee Totals Master File (PA00402)PA Customer MSTR (PA00501)PA Third Party Customer MSTR (PA00502)PA Third Party Customer MSTR1 (PA00503)PA_Customer_MSTR_II (PA00504)PA Customer CO Periodic Totals MSTR (PA00512)PA Customer MSTR SUM (PA00521)PA Customer MSTR WIP SUM (PA00531)PA Customer MSTR COST SUM (PA00532)PA Employee MSTR (PA00601)PA Equipment Master File (PA00701)PA Miscellaneous Master File (PA00801)PA Vendor MSTR (PA00901)PA Cost Category Master File (PA01001)PA_ContractList_View (PA01100)PA Contract Master File (PA01101)PA Contract Revenue Sources Master File (PA01111)PA Contract Periodic Totals MSTR (PA01121)PA Contract CO Periodic Totals MSTR (PA01122)PA Contract MSTR SUM (PA01131)PA Contract Change Order Master (PA01141)PA Contract Customer List MSTR (PA01151)PA Contract MSTR WIP SUM (PA01161)PA Contract MSTR COST SUM (PA01162)PA_ProjectListView (PA01200)PA Project Master File (PA01201)PA MC Project Master File (PA01202)PA Project Revenue Sources Master File (PA01211)PA Project Periodic Totals MSTR (PA01221)PA Project CO Periodic Totals MSTR (PA01222)PA Project MSTR SUM (PA01231)PA Project Change Order Master (PA01241)PA Project MSTR WIP SUM (PA01251)PA Project MSTR COST SUM (PA01252)PA Budget Master File (PA01301)PA Budget IVItems (PA01303)PA Budget Periodic Totals Master File (PA01304)PA Budget MSTR WIP SUM (PA01341)PA Budget MSTR COST SUM (PA01342)PA Employee Rate Table HDR (PA01402)PA Employee Rate Table LINE (PA01403)PA Job Title Rate Table Header (PA01404)PA Job Title Rate Table Line (PA01405)PA Equipment Rate Table HDR (PA01406)PA Project Access List MSTR (PA01408)PA Project Equipment List MSTR (PA01409)PA Project Customer List Master (PA01410)PA Billing Notes Master (PA01601)PA Location Format Setup (PA01801)PA Key Master (PA01901)PA Billing Cycle MSTR (PA02000)PA Combined History Setup (PA02001)PA RR Cycle MSTR (PA02010)PA Project Fee Master File (PA02101)PA Customer Billing Cycle Link File (PA02301)PA Contract Billing Cycle Link File (PA02401)PA Contract RR Cycle Link File (PA02501)PA Customer RR Cycle Link File (PA02601)PA Change Order Key Master (PA02701)PA Generic File Log (PA03400)PA Project Billing Master File (PA05100)PA Project Billing Master File (PA05100A)PA Project Fee Schedule Master File (PA05200)PA Timesheet Header File (PA10000)PA Timesheet Detail File (PA10001)PA Timesheet Distribution WORK (PA10003)PA Equipment Log Header File (PA10100)PA Equipment Log Detail File (PA10101)PA Equipment Log Distribution WORK (PA10103)PA Miscellaneous Log Header File (PA10200)PA Miscellaneous Log Detail File (PA10201)PA Miscellaneous Log Distribution WORK (PA10203)PA Employee Expense Header File (PA10500)PA Employee Expense Detail File (PA10501)PA Employee Expense Tax WORK file (PA10502)PA Employee Expense Distribution WORK (PA10504)PA Purchase Order Work (PA10600)PA Purchase Order Line (PA10601)PA Purchase Order Tax (PA10602)PA Purchase Requisition (PA10603)PA PO Receipt Work (PA10701)PA PO Receipt Line (PA10702)PA PO Tax (PA10704)PA PO Distribution Work (PA10705)PA PAPOSOPPOLink (PA10707)PA PO Receipt Line Quantities (PA10721)PA PO Shipment Invoice Apply (PA10731)PA Billing Distribution WORK (PA10802)PA Inventory Transfer Work Header (PA10900)PA Inventory Transfer Work Detail (PA10901)PA Inventory Serial and Lot Number Work (PA10902)PA Inventory Distribution WORK (PA10903)PA Invenotry Transfer Tax WORK file (PA10904)PA Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities Work (PA10905)PA Billing Commissions LINK (PA11000)PA Billing Tax Detail (PA11100)PA Billing Contract Link (PA11300)PA Billing Project Link (PA11400)PA Billing Contracts (PA11500)PA Billing Subline Tax Detail (PA11700)PA Combined History Header file (PA11800)PA Combined History Detail File (PA11801)PA Project Closing WORK Header (PA11900)PA Project Closing WORK Detail (PA11901)PA Project Closing Distribution WORK (PA11902)PA Project Closing Work Budget (PA11903)PA Project Closing Work Fee (PA11904)PA Project Closing History Budget (PA11905)PA Project Closing History Fee (PA11906)PA Change Order Header WORK (PA12000)PA Change Order Detail WORK (PA12001)PA Change Order Fee Header WORK (PA12101)PA Change Order Fee Detail WORK (PA12102)PA Change Order Fee Schedule WORK (PA12103)PA Billing Header WORK (PA13100)PA Billing Detail WORK (PA13200)PA Billing Sub-Detail WORK Fee (PA13201)PA Billing Sub-Detail WORK TM (PA13202)PA Billing Sub-Detail WORK FF (PA13203)PA Distribution Work File (PA13204)PA Aging WIP Reconcile Control (PA13300)PA Aging Reconcile Control (PA13400)PA Cost Trx Add On The Fly (PA14100)paProjectAllocation (PA14200)PA PO Project Assignment (PA14300)PA PO Project Assignment Detail (PA14301)PA PO Receivings Assignment (PA14400)PA PO Receivings Assignment Detail (PA14401)PA Applied OPEN (PA23000)PA Applied Sub Detail OPEN (PA23010)PA Billing Header OPEN (PA23100)PA Applied Header History (PA23101)PA Billing Detail OPEN (PA23200)PA Billing Sub-Detail OPEN Fee (PA23201)PA Billing Sub-Detail OPEN FF (PA23202)PA Billing Sub-Detail OPEN TM (PA23203)PA Rev Recognition Header Work File (PA23301)PA Rev Recognition Proj Detail WORK File (PA23302)PA Rev Recognition Fee DTL Work File (PA23303)PA Rev Recognition Budget DTL Work File (PA23304)PA Rev Recognition Distribution Work (PA23305)PA Change Order Header OPEN (PA23400)PA Change Order Detail OPEN (PA23401)PA Change Order Fee Header OPEN (PA23500)PA Change Order Fee Detail OPEN (PA23501)PA Change Order Fee Schedule OPEN (PA23502)PA Posting Definitions Master History (PA30000)PA Timesheet Header History File (PA30100)PA Timesheet Detail History File (PA30101)PA Timesheet Distribution History (PA30103)PA Equipment Log Header History File (PA30200)PA Equipment Log Detail History File (PA30201)PA Equipment Log Distribution History (PA30203)PA Miscellaneous Log History File (PA30300)PA Miscellaneous Log History Detail File (PA30301)PA Miscellaneous Log Distribution History (PA30303)PA Employee Expense Header History File (PA30500)PA Employee Expense Detail History File (PA30501)PA Employee Expense Tax WORK HIstory file (PA30503)PA Employee Expense Distribution History (PA30504)PA Purchase Order History (PA30600)PA Purchase Order Line History (PA30601)PA Purchase Order Tax History (PA30602)PA Purchase Requisition History (PA30701)PA Billing Distribution History (PA30703)PA Inventory Transfer History Header (PA30900)PA Inventory Transfer History Detail (PA30901)PA Item Serial and Lot Number History (PA30902)PA Inventory Distribution History (PA30903)PA Invenotry Transfer Tax HiST file (PA30904)PAInventory Transaction Bin Quantities History (PA30905)PA PO Receipt History (PA31101)PA PO Receipt Line History (PA31102)PA PO Tax History (PA31103)PA Billing Header HIST (PA33100)PA Applied Header Open (PA33101)PA Billing Detail HIST (PA33200)PA Billing Sub-Detail HIST Fee (PA33201)PA Billing Sub-Detail HIST FF (PA33202)PA Billing Sub-Detail HIST TM (PA33203)PA Billing Commissions HIST (PA33204)PA Billing Tax Detail Hist (PA33205)PA Billing Subline Tax Detail Hist (PA33206)PA Rev Recognition Header HIST File (PA33301)PA Rev Recognition Budget DTL HIST File (PA33302)PA Rev Recognition Fee DTL HIST File (PA33303)PA Rev Recognition Proj Detail HIST File (PA33304)PA Rev Recognition Distribution History (PA33305)PA Billing Apply Distribution History (PA33401)PA Project Closing History (PA33501)PA Project Closing Distribution HIST (PA33502)PA Applied History File (PA33601)PA Applied Sub Detail History File (PA33602)PA Change Order Header HIST (PA33701)PA Change Order Detail HIST (PA33702)paProjectAllocationProcessed (PA34010)paAllocationHdr (PA40020)paAllocationDtl (PA40030)PA U of M Schedule Setup (PA40101)PA U of M Schedule Detail Setup (PA40102)PA Budget Template File (PA40201)PA Budget Template IV Items (PA40202)PA Project Template Fee Sched Master File (PA40203)PA Customer Class Setup (PA40501)PA Employee Class Setup (PA40601)PA Equipment Class Setup File (PA40701)PA Miscellaneous Class Setup File (PA40801)PA Vendor Class Setup (PA40901)PA Cost Category Class Setup File (PA41001)PA Contract Class Setup File (PA41101)PA Project Class Setup File (PA41201)PA Segment Override Header (PA41301)PA Segment Override Line (PA41302)PA Segment Override Template Header (PA41303)PA Segment Override Template Detail (PA41304)PA Project Access Template SETP (PA41401)PA Project Equipment Template SETP (PA41409)PA Contract TemplateFile (PA41501)PA Project Template File (PA41601)PA Project Budget Setup (PA41701)PA Project Source Setup (PA41701A)PA Timesheet Setup (PA41801)PA Equipment Log Setup (PA41901)PA Miscellaneous Log Setup (PA42001)PA Purchase Order Setup (PA42201)PA Employee Expense Setup (PA42401)PA Biller Module Setup (PA42501)PA Bill Format Setup (PA42601)PA Bill Format Print SETP (PA42602)PA Inventory Transfer Setup (PA42701)PA Customer Class Billing Cycle Link (PA42801)PA Customer Class RR Cycle Link (PA42802)PA Contract Billing Cycle Link (PA42901)PA Contr Templ RR Cycle Link (PA42902)PA Accounts Setup File (PA43001)PA Accounts Template Setup File (PA43002)paTS01 (PA43010)PA User Defined Bill Format SETP (PA43101)PA User Defined Bill Format DTL SETP (PA43102)paBenefitAllocationSetup (PA44011)paBenefitSetup (PA44012)paBenefitSetupDetail (PA44013)PA Project Template Billing Cycle Link File (PA60020)PA Project Template RR Cycle Link File (PA60030)PA Project Template Fee Master (PA60040)PA Project Billing Cycle Link File (PA61020)PA Project RR Cycle Link File (PA61040)PA Project Series Report Options (PA70101)PA Budget Template File Lookup (PA89422)PA Contract Segment Override Header (PA91301)PA Contract Segment Override Detail (PA91304)PA Contract Template Seg Override Header (PA92301)PA Contract Template Seg Override Detail (PA92304)PA Billing Header View (PAV43100)PTE Timesheet Template Header (PTE00300)PTE Timesheet Template Line (PTE00301)PTE Employee Master (PTE00601)PTE Timesheet Delegates (PTE00602)PTE Employee Expense Delegates (PTE00603)PTE Timesheet Header (PTE10000)PTE Timesheet Line (PTE10001)PTE Employee Expense Header (PTE10500)PTE Employee Expense Line (PTE10501)PTE_Timesheet_HDR_HIST (PTE30100)PTE_Timesheet_LINE_HIST (PTE30101)PTE_Employee_Expense_HDR_HIST (PTE30500)PTE_Employee_Expense_Line_HIST (PTE30501)

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