Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance (MC00100)

azurecurveProductsMicrosoft Dynamics GP (0)SystemMulticurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance (MC00100)

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Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP (0)
Series: System

Display Name: Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance
Physical Name: MC00100
Technical Name: MC_Exchange_Rate_MSTR

Group Display Name: Multicurrency System Setup
Group Technical Name: Multicurrency System Setup

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1EXGTBLID SearchExchange Table IDStringSTR15_Exchange_Table_ID15
2CURNCYID SearchCurrency IDStringSTR15_Currency_ID15
Key to the Currency Setup (MC40200).

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       ['Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance'].CURNCYID AS 'Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance-Currency ID'
       ,['Currency Setup'].CURNCYID AS 'Currency Setup-Currency ID'
       MC00100 AS ['Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance']
       DYNAMICS..MC40200 AS ['Currency Setup']
                     ['Multicurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance'].CURNCYID = ['Currency Setup'].CURNCYID
3EXCHDATE SearchExchange DateDateDT_Date6
4TIME1 SearchTimeTimeTM66
5XCHGRATE SearchExchange RateCurrency (Variable)DLR14_Exchange_Rate14
6EXPNDATE SearchExpiration DateDateDT_Date6
azurecurveProductsMicrosoft Dynamics GP (0)SystemMulticurrency Exchange Rate Maintenance (MC00100)

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