Multicurrency Payables Transactions (MC020103)Multicurrency PM Revaluation Activity (MC020105)Purchasing 1099 Period Detail (PM00204)PM Payment Stub Duplicate (PM10801)PM VendorAnalysis Options Setup (PM40105)PM Payment Batch Defaults Setup (PM40106)PM History Removal Tempoary File (PM50100)PM Mass Voucher Apply Temp File (PM80900)Payables Apply Document Browse (PM80905)PM Remittance Temp (PM80950)PM Exception List Temp (PM80960)Modified Vendor Class Accounts (PM81000)PM Scheduled Payment Header View (PMV0100)POP PA Budget IV Items View (POP01303)POP PA PO View (POP11100)POP PA PO Line View (POP11110)POP PA Receipt View (POP11300)POP PA Receipt Line View (POP11310)POP PA PO Hist View (POP31100)POP PA PO Line Hist View (POP31110)POP PA Receipt Hist View (POP31300)POP PA Receipt Line Hist View (POP31310)Purchase Order Generator Site Mapping (POP40800)Purchase Order Document Delivery Setup (POP40900)Purchasing Process Documents List (POP70100)Purchasing Print Exception List Temp (POP70200)PM Vendor Intrastat MSTR (VAT10201)PM Class Master File (PM00100)Vendor Class Accounts (PM00101)PM Vendor Master File (PM00200)PM Vendor Master Summary (PM00201)PM Vendor Master Period Summary (PM00202)Vendor Accounts (PM00203)PM Address MSTR (PM00300)PM Key Master File (PM00400)PM Transaction WORK File (PM10000)PM Distribution WORK OPEN (PM10100)PM Apply To WORK OPEN File (PM10200)PM Payment Apply To Work File (PM10201)PM Payment WORK (PM10300)PM Manual Payment WORK File (PM10400)PM Tax Work File (PM10500)PM Distribution Void WORK Temporary File (PM10600)Void Payment WORK Temporary File (PM10900)PM Void Transaction WORK Temporary File (PM10901)PM Tax Void Work Temporary File (PM10902)PM Transaction OPEN File (PM20000)PM Apply To OPEN OPEN Temporary File (PM20100)PM Distribution OPEN OPEN Temporary File (PM20200)PM Scheduled Payments Header (PM20400)PM Scheduled Payment LINE (PM20401)PM Paid Transaction History File (PM30200)PM Apply To History File (PM30300)PM Scheduled Payments Header History (PM30401)PM Distribution History File (PM30600)PM Tax History File (PM30700)PM Tax Invoices (PM30800)PM Setup File (PM40100)PM Period Setup File (PM40101)Payables Document Types (PM40102)Payables Distribution Type SETP (PM40103)PM 1099 Setup File (PM40104)Purchasing Report Options (PM70500)Purchasing Report Options (PM70500)Reprint Transaction Batch Headers (PM80100)Void Reprint Void Payment WORK (PM80200)PM Reprint Void Transaction WORK (PM80300)PM Reprint Posting Journal Apply To File (PM80500)PM Reprint Distribution (PM80600)PM Reprint Tax (PM80700)PM Reprint Transaction Check Register File (PM80800)Buyer Master (POP00101)Purchase Order Work (POP10100)Purchase Order Line (POP10110)Purchasing Manufacturer Numbers (POP10140)Purchase Order Comment (POP10150)Purchase Order Tax (POP10160)Purchase Order Prepayments (POP10170)Purchasing Requisition Work (POP10200)Purchasing Requisition Line (POP10210)Purchasing Receipt Work (POP10300)Purchasing Receipt User-Defined (POP10306)Purchasing Receipt Line (POP10310)Purchasing Serial Lot Work (POP10330)Purchasing Bin Quantities Work (POP10340)Purchasing Tax (POP10360)Purchasing Distribution Work (POP10390)Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities (POP10500)Purchasing Comment (POP10550)Purchasing Shipment Invoice Apply (POP10600)Purchasing Landed Cost (POP10700)Purchasing Receipt Prepayment Apply (POP10800)Purchasing Batch History (POP30000)Purchase Order History (POP30100)Purchase Order Line History (POP30110)Purchase Order Tax History (POP30160)Purchasing Requisition History (POP30200)Purchasing Requisition Line History (POP30210)Purchasing Receipt History (POP30300)Purchasing Receipt Line History (POP30310)Purchasing Serial Lot History (POP30330)Purchasing Bin Quantities History (POP30340)Purchasing Tax History (POP30360)Purchasing Distribution History (POP30390)Purchasing Landed Cost History (POP30700)Purchasing Setup Table (POP40100)Purchasing Requisition User Access (POP40200)POP Featured Items (POP40300)Purchasing User-Defined List Setup (POP40400)Purchasing Non-IV Item Currency Setup (POP40600)Purchasing Return Line (POR10310)PM Class Intrastat MSTR (VAT10200)

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