PA - Account Transaction History Archive Temp (paglt001)PA - Apply Chain (paApplyChain)PA - Archive Settings (paSetup)PA - Archive Transfer File List (paFList)PA - BM Transaction History (pabmt001)PA - CM Reconcile Failed (pacmF)PA - CM Reconcile Header Archive Temp (pacmt001)PA - Customers To Process (paCustom)PA - Inventory Transaction History (paivt001)PA - Invoicing Transaction History (paivct01)PA - ISV Archive Settings (paISVArchiveSettings)PA - ISV Failed (paISVFailed)PA - ISV Reporting (paISVReporting)PA - IVC Archive Failed (paivcF)PA - Payroll Check History (pauprt01)PA - Payroll Transaction History (pauprt02)PA - PM Paid Transaction History File Archive Temp (papmt001)PA - PM Paid Trx History Archive Failed (papmtF)PA - Project (paprojt01)PA - Project Report (paprojr1)PA - Project Report Holding (paprojrH)PA - Purchase Order Archive Failed (papopF)PA - Purchase Order History (papopt01)PA - Purchasing Receipt History (papopt02)PA - Reprint Transaction Batch Headers Archive Temp (papmt003)PA - RM Batch History Archive Temp (parmt003)PA - RM History Failed Archive (parmF)PA - RM History File Archive Temp (parmt001)PA - Sales Transaction History (pasopt01)PA - Selected Customers (paSelCustom)PA - Selected Vendors (paSelVendor)PA - SOP Archive Failed (pasopF)PA - User Defined Master Tables (paUDMasterTables)PA - User Defined Procedures (paUDProcs)PA - Vendors (paVendor)PA Database Tool Log (paDBLog)PA Database Tools (paDBTool)paDBDistribution (paDBDist)

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