PA – Customers To Process (paCustom)

azurecurveProductsCompany Archive (1755)CompanyPA - Customers To Process (paCustom)

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Product: Company Archive (1755)
Series: Company

Display Name: PA - Customers To Process
Physical Name: paCustom
Technical Name: paCustomers

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1CUSTNMBR SearchCustomer NumberSTR15_RM_Customer_NumberString1615
Key to the RM Customer MSTR (RM00101).

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       ['PA - Customers To Process'].CUSTNMBR AS 'PA - Customers To Process-Customer Number'
       ,['RM Customer MSTR'].CUSTNMBR AS 'RM Customer MSTR-Customer Number'
       paCustom AS ['PA - Customers To Process']
       RM00101 AS ['RM Customer MSTR']
                     ['PA - Customers To Process'].CUSTNMBR = ['RM Customer MSTR'].CUSTNMBR
2CUSTNAME SearchCustomer NameSTR64_Customer_NameString6664
3MKTOPROC SearchMarked To ProcessCBBoolean20
4CUSTCLAS SearchCustomer ClassSTR15_Customer_ClassString1615
azurecurveProductsCompany Archive (1755)CompanyPA - Customers To Process (paCustom)

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