CM Checkbook Master (CM00100)

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Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP (0)
Series: Financial

Display Name: CM Checkbook Master
Physical Name: CM00100
Technical Name: CM_Checkbook_MSTR

Group Display Name: Checkbook Master
Group Technical Name: Checkbook Master

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1CHEKBKID SearchCheckbook IDSTR15_Checkbook_IDString1615
2DSCRIPTN SearchDescriptionSTR30String3230
3BANKID SearchBank IDSTR15_Bank_IDString1615
4CURNCYID SearchCurrency IDSTR15_Currency_IDString1615
Key to the Currency Setup (MC40200).

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       ['CM Checkbook Master'].CURNCYID AS 'CM Checkbook Master-Currency ID'
       ,['Currency Setup'].CURNCYID AS 'Currency Setup-Currency ID'
       CM00100 AS ['CM Checkbook Master']
       DYNAMICS..MC40200 AS ['Currency Setup']
                     ['CM Checkbook Master'].CURNCYID = ['Currency Setup'].CURNCYID
5ACTINDX SearchAccount IndexLI_14Long Integer414
Key to the Account Index Master (GL00105).

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       ['CM Checkbook Master'].ACTINDX AS 'CM Checkbook Master-Account Index'
       ,['Account Index Master'].ACTINDX AS 'Account Index Master-Account Index'
       CM00100 AS ['CM Checkbook Master']
       GL00105 AS ['Account Index Master']
                     ['CM Checkbook Master'].ACTINDX = ['Account Index Master'].ACTINDX
6BNKACTNM SearchBank Account NumberSTR15String1615
7NXTCHNUM SearchNext Check NumberSTR20_Document_NumberString2220
8Next_Deposit_Number SearchNext Deposit NumberSTR20_Document_NumberString2220
9INACTIVE SearchInactiveCB_InactiveBoolean20
10DYDEPCLR SearchDays Deposits To ClearINT3_U0Integer23
11XCDMCHPW SearchExceed Max Check PasswordPasswordString1210
12MXCHDLR SearchMaximum Check DollarDLR19_RBSO_UTR$Currency1019
13DUPCHNUM SearchDuplicate Check NumbersCB_Duplicate_Check_NumbersBoolean20
14OVCHNUM1 SearchOverride Check Number 1CB_Override_Check_NumberBoolean20
15LOCATNID SearchLocation IDSTR15_Location_IDString1615
16NOTEINDX SearchNote IndexDLR14Currency1014
Key to the Record Notes Master (SY03900).

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       ['CM Checkbook Master'].NOTEINDX AS 'CM Checkbook Master-Note Index'
       ,['Record Notes Master'].NOTEINDX AS 'Record Notes Master-Note Index'
       CM00100 AS ['CM Checkbook Master']
       SY03900 AS ['Record Notes Master']
                     ['CM Checkbook Master'].NOTEINDX = ['Record Notes Master'].NOTEINDX
17CMUSRDF1 SearchCM User Defined 1STR20String2220
18CMUSRDF2 SearchCM User Defined 2STR20String2220
19Last_Reconciled_Date SearchLast Reconciled DateDTDate48
20Last_Reconciled_Balance SearchLast Reconciled BalanceDLR19_$S2Currency1019
21CURRBLNC SearchCurrent BalanceDLR19_RBS0_STR$Currency1019
22CREATDDT SearchCreated DateDTDate48
23MODIFDT SearchModified DateDTDate48
24Recond SearchReconciledBooleanBoolean20
25Reconcile_In_Progress SearchReconcile In ProgressDLR_Document_NumberCurrency1019
26Deposit_In_Progress SearchDeposit In ProgressSTR20_Document_NumberString2220
27CHBKPSWD SearchCheckbook PasswordSTR15String1615
28CURNCYPD SearchCurrency PaidSTR15_Currency_IDString1615
29CRNCYRCD SearchCurrency ReceivedSTR15_Currency_IDString1615
30ADPVADLR SearchAllow Deposit Variance DollarDLR17_RBS0_STR$Currency1017
31ADPVAPWD SearchAllow Deposit Variance PasswordPasswordString1210
32DYCHTCLR SearchDays Checks To ClearINT3_U0Integer23
33CMPANYID SearchCompany IDINT5Integer24
Key to the Company Master (SY01500).

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       ['CM Checkbook Master'].CMPANYID AS 'CM Checkbook Master-Company ID'
       ,['Company Master'].CMPANYID AS 'Company Master-Company ID'
       CM00100 AS ['CM Checkbook Master']
       DYNAMICS..SY01500 AS ['Company Master']
                     ['CM Checkbook Master'].CMPANYID = ['Company Master'].CMPANYID
34CHKBKTYP SearchCheckbook TypeDDL_Checkbook_TypeInteger20
35DDACTNUM SearchDD Account NumberDD_STR17String1817
36DDINDNAM SearchDD Individual NameSTR22String2422
37DDTRANS SearchDD Transaction CodeSTR2String42
38PaymentRateTypeID SearchPayment Rate Type IDSTR15_LBAUString1615
39DepositRateTypeID SearchDeposit Rate Type IDSTR15_LBAUString1615
40CashInTransAcctIdx SearchCash In Transit Account IndexLI_14Long Integer414
41DEX_ROW_ID Searchintint1010

DEX_ROW_ID is an auto-numbered IDENTITY column used internally by Dexterity for lock management; it should not be used by developers to identify any particular piece of information.

Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez has a good write up on the DEX_ROW_ID column.

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