Workflow History (WF30100)

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Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP (0)
Series: Company

Display Name: Workflow History
Physical Name: WF30100
Technical Name: Workflow_History

Group Display Name: Workflow
Group Technical Name: Workflow

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1WorkflowInstanceID SearchWorkflow Instance IDGUIDStringString3836
2WorkflowStepInstanceID SearchWorkflow Step Instance IDGUIDStringString3836
3Workflow_History_User SearchWorkflow History UserSTR85String8685
4Workflow_Name SearchWorkflow NameSTR50_LBAString5250
5Workflow_Step_Name SearchWorkflow Step NameSTR50_LBAString5250
6Workflow_Step_Assign_To SearchWorkflow Step Assign ToGUIDStringString3836
7Workflow_Action SearchWorkflow ActionWorkflow ActionInteger20
The following workflow actions will be recorded.

Click to show/hide Workflow Actions

1	Submit
2	Resubmit
3	Approve
4	Task Complete
5	Reject
6	Delegate
7	Recall
8	Escalate
9	Edit
10	Final Approve
8Workflow_Due_Date SearchWorkflow Due DateDATE_LDate40
9Workflow_Due_Time SearchWorkflow Due TimeTM6Time46
10Workflow_Completion_Date SearchWorkflow Completion DateDATE_LDate40
11Workflow_Completion_Time SearchWorkflow Completion TimeTM6Time46
12Milliseconds SearchMillisecondsINTInteger20
13Workflow_Comments SearchWorkflow CommentsWorkflow CommentsText22000
14DEX_ROW_ID Searchintint1010

DEX_ROW_ID is an auto-numbered IDENTITY column used internally by Dexterity for lock management; it should not be used by developers to identify any particular piece of information.

Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez has a good write up on the DEX_ROW_ID column.

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