WS_Upgrade (WS_Upgrd)

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Product: WennSoft Products (131)
Series: System

Display Name: WS_Upgrade
Physical Name: WS_Upgrd
Technical Name: WS_Upgrade

Group Display Name: WS Security
Group Technical Name: WS Security

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1WS_Product_ID SearchWS Product IDLong IntLong Integer48
2WS_DB_Name SearchWS DB NameSTR30String3230
3WS_Product_Name SearchWS Product NameSTR20String2220
4WS_Version_Major SearchWS Version MajorLong IntLong Integer48
5WS_Version_Minor SearchWS Version MinorLong IntLong Integer48
6WS_Version_Build SearchWS Version BuildLong IntLong Integer48
7WS_Version_Type SearchWS Version TypeLong IntLong Integer48
8WS_Status SearchWS StatusLong IntLong Integer48
9WS_Start_Date SearchWS Start DateDATEDate46
10WS_Start_Time SearchWS Start TimeTM6Time46
11WS_Stop_Date SearchWS Stop DateDATEDate46
12WS_Stop_Time SearchWS Stop TimeTM6Time46
13WS_Not_In_Use SearchWS Not In UseCBBoolean20
14WS_String_1 SearchWS String 1STR20String2220
15WS_String_2 SearchWS String 2STR20String2220
16WS_String_3 SearchWS String 3STR20String2220
17WS_String_4 SearchWS String 4STR20String2220
18WSReserved_Integer1 SearchWSReserved Integer1INT4Integer24
19WSReserved_Integer2 SearchWSReserved Integer2INT4Integer24
20WSReserved_Integer3 SearchWSReserved Integer3INT4Integer24
21WSReserved_Integer4 SearchWSReserved Integer4INT4Integer24
22WSReserved_CB1 SearchWSReserved CB1CBBoolean20
23WSReserved_CB2 SearchWSReserved CB2CBBoolean20
24WSReserved_CB3 SearchWSReserved CB3CBBoolean20
25WSReserved_CB4 SearchWSReserved CB4CBBoolean20

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