WS Print Documents List (WSPRINT1)

azurecurveProductsWennSoft Products (131)PurchasingWS Print Documents List (WSPRINT1)

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Product: WennSoft Products (131)
Series: Purchasing

Display Name: WS Print Documents List
Physical Name: WSPRINT1
Technical Name: WS_POP_PrintDocList_TEMP

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1PONUMBER SearchPO NumberSTR17_POP_NumberString17
2DOCPRINTSEQ SearchDocument Print SequencelongLong Integer8
3VENDORID SearchVendor IDSTR_15_Vendor_IDString15
Key to the PM Vendor Master File (PM00200).

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       ['WS Print Documents List'].VENDORID AS 'WS Print Documents List-Vendor ID'
       ,['PM Vendor Master File'].VENDORID AS 'PM Vendor Master File-Vendor ID'
       WSPRINT1 AS ['WS Print Documents List']
       PM00200 AS ['PM Vendor Master File']
                     ['WS Print Documents List'].VENDORID = ['PM Vendor Master File'].VENDORID
4PO_Status_Orig SearchPO Status OrigDDL_PO_StatusInteger0
5Change_Order_Flag SearchChange Order FlagINTInteger0
6PO_Field_Changes_Array_1 SearchPO Field Changes Array[1]BooleanBoolean0
7PO_Field_Changes_Array_2 SearchPO Field Changes Array[2]BooleanBoolean0
8PO_Field_Changes_Array_3 SearchPO Field Changes Array[3]BooleanBoolean0
9PO_Field_Changes_Array_4 SearchPO Field Changes Array[4]BooleanBoolean0
10PO_Field_Changes_Array_5 SearchPO Field Changes Array[5]BooleanBoolean0
11PO_Field_Changes_Array_6 SearchPO Field Changes Array[6]BooleanBoolean0
12PO_Field_Changes_Array_7 SearchPO Field Changes Array[7]BooleanBoolean0
13PO_Field_Changes_Array_8 SearchPO Field Changes Array[8]BooleanBoolean0
14PO_Field_Changes_Array_9 SearchPO Field Changes Array[9]BooleanBoolean0
15PO_Field_Changes_Array_10 SearchPO Field Changes Array[10]BooleanBoolean0
16PO_Field_Changes_Array_11 SearchPO Field Changes Array[11]BooleanBoolean0
17CMPNYNAM SearchCompany NameSTR64_Company_NameString64
18CONTACT SearchContactSTR60String60
19ADDRESS1 SearchAddress 1STR60String60
20ADDRESS2 SearchAddress 2STR60String60
21ADDRESS3 SearchAddress 3STR60String60
22CITY SearchCitySTR35String35
23STATE SearchStateSTR30_StateString29
24ZIPCODE SearchZip CodeSTR10String10
25COUNTRY SearchCountrySTR60String60
26PRINTINGMULTIPLEPO SearchPrinting Multiple POSTR150String150
27Email_Type SearchEmail TypeINTInteger0
28TXTFIELD SearchText FieldTX32000Text32000
azurecurveProductsWennSoft Products (131)PurchasingWS Print Documents List (WSPRINT1)

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