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Product: WennSoft Products (131)
Series: 3rd Party

Display Name: WS_Docs_MSTR
Physical Name: WSDOCS
Technical Name: WS_DOCS

Group Display Name: WS Shared
Group Technical Name: WS Shared

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1Document_ID SearchWS Document IDLong IntLong Integer8
2Document_Type SearchWS Document TypeWS Document TypeInteger0
3Document_Category SearchWS Document CategoryINT4Integer4
4Document_Priority SearchWS Document PriorityINT4Integer4
5Document_Name SearchWS Document NameSTR255String255
6Document_Description SearchWS Document DescriptionSTR50String50
7Document_Extension SearchWS Document ExtensionSTR30_LBAUString30
8Document_URL SearchWS Document URLSTR255String255
9Document_Date SearchWS Document DateDATE_LDate0
10Document_Exp_Date SearchWS Document Exp DateDateDate10
11Document_Rev_Number SearchWS Document Rev NumberSTR30String30
12Document_Author SearchWS Document AuthorSTR30String30
13Document_Image SearchWS Document ImageSTR255String255
14CUSTNMBR SearchCustomer NumberSTR15_RM_Customer_NumberString15
Key to the RM Customer MSTR (RM00101).

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       ['WS_Docs_MSTR'].CUSTNMBR AS 'WS_Docs_MSTR-Customer Number'
       ,['RM Customer MSTR'].CUSTNMBR AS 'RM Customer MSTR-Customer Number'
       WSDOCS AS ['WS_Docs_MSTR']
       RM00101 AS ['RM Customer MSTR']
                     ['WS_Docs_MSTR'].CUSTNMBR = ['RM Customer MSTR'].CUSTNMBR
15ADRSCODE SearchAddress CodeSTR15_Address_CodeString15
16Service_Call_ID SearchService Call IDSTR17_LBAUString17
17Equipment_ID SearchEquipment IDSTR30String30
18Location_Equipment SearchLocation EquipmentSTR50_LBUString50
19Equipment_Type SearchEquipment TypeSTR30String30
20Wennsoft_Model_Number SearchWennsoft Model NumberSTR20String20
21Contract_Number SearchWS Contract NumberSTR10String10
22WS_Job_Number SearchWS Job NumberSTR17_LBAUString17
23Quote_Number SearchQuote NumberSTR10String10
24Quote_Type SearchQuote TypeDDL_Quote_TypeInteger0
25Change_Order_Nbr SearchChange Order #STR14String14
26Project_Number SearchWS Project NumberSTR170String17
27VENDORID SearchVendor IDSTR_15_Vendor_IDString15
Key to the PM Vendor Master File (PM00200).

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       ['WS_Docs_MSTR'].VENDORID AS 'WS_Docs_MSTR-Vendor ID'
       ,['PM Vendor Master File'].VENDORID AS 'PM Vendor Master File-Vendor ID'
       WSDOCS AS ['WS_Docs_MSTR']
       PM00200 AS ['PM Vendor Master File']
                     ['WS_Docs_MSTR'].VENDORID = ['PM Vendor Master File'].VENDORID
28Subcontractor_Item SearchSubcontractor ItemSubcontract ItemInteger0
29Cost_Code_Number_1 SearchWS Cost Code Number 1STR7String7
30Cost_Code_Number_2 SearchWS Cost Code Number 2STR7String7
31Cost_Code_Number_3 SearchWS Cost Code Number 3STR7String7
32Cost_Code_Number_4 SearchWS Cost Code Number 4STR7String7
33Cost_Element SearchCost ElementINT3_RB0_UInteger3
34Transaction_Doc_Number SearchTransaction Doc NumberDLR19_RB0Currency19
35Send_Notification SearchSend NotificationCB_Send_NotificationBoolean0
36CONTNBR SearchContract NumberSTR11String11
37DLDocumentID SearchDLDocumentIDLong IntLong Integer8

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