Job User Defined Master History (JC30107)

azurecurveProductsWennSoft Products (131)3rd PartyJob User Defined Master History (JC30107)

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Product: WennSoft Products (131)
Series: 3rd Party

Display Name: Job User Defined Master History
Physical Name: JC30107
Technical Name: JC_UDF_MSTR_HIST

Group Display Name: Job Cost
Group Technical Name: Job Cost

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1WS_Job_Number SearchWS Job NumberSTR17_LBAUString17
2WS_Job_Type SearchWS Job TypeSTR17_LBAUString17
3WS_Manager_ID_2 SearchWS Manager ID 2STR15_Employee_IDString15
4WS_Engineer SearchWS EngineerSTR15_Employee_IDString15
5CSTPONBR SearchCustomer PO NumberSTR20_Document_NumberString20
6ASSETID SearchAsset IDSTR15_Asset_IDString15
7ASSETIDSUF SearchAsset ID SuffixINT3_U0Integer3
8ASSETINDEX SearchAsset IndexLI9_Asset_IndexLong Integer9
Key to the Asset General Information Master (FA00100).

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       ['Job User Defined Master History'].ASSETINDEX AS 'Job User Defined Master History-Asset Index'
       ,['Asset General Information Master'].ASSETINDEX AS 'Asset General Information Master-Asset Index'
       JC30107 AS ['Job User Defined Master History']
       FA00100 AS ['Asset General Information Master']
                     ['Job User Defined Master History'].ASSETINDEX = ['Asset General Information Master'].ASSETINDEX
9User_Define_1 SearchUser Define 1STR30String30
10User_Define_2 SearchUser Define 2STR30String30
11User_Define_3 SearchUser Define 3STR30String30
12User_Define_4 SearchUser Define 4STR30String30
13User_Define_5 SearchUser Define 5STR30String30
14User_Define_6 SearchUser Define 6STR30String30
15User_Define_7 SearchUser Define 7STR30String30
16User_Define_8 SearchUser Define 8STR30String30
17User_Define_9 SearchUser Define 9STR30String30
18User_Define_10 SearchUser Define 10STR30String30
19User_Define_11 SearchUser Define 11STR30String30
20User_Define_12 SearchUser Define 12STR30String30
21User_Define_13 SearchUser Define 13STR30String30
22User_Define_14 SearchUser Define 14STR30String30
23User_Define_15 SearchUser Define 15STR30String30
24User_Define_16 SearchUser Define 16STR30String30
25User_Define_17 SearchUser Define 17STR30String30
26User_Define_18 SearchUser Define 18STR30String30
27User_Define_19 SearchUser Define 19STR30String30
28User_Define_20 SearchUser Define 20STR30String30
29User_Def_Integer_1 SearchUser Defined Integer 1LI6_S2Long Integer6
30User_Def_Integer_2 SearchUser Defined Integer 2LI6_S2Long Integer6
31User_Defined_Integer_3 SearchUser Defined Integer 3LI6_S2Long Integer6
32User_Defined_Integer_4 SearchUser Defined Integer 4LI6_S2Long Integer6
33User_Defined_Dollar_1 SearchUser Defined Dollar 1DLR14_RBS0_STR$Currency14
34User_Defined_Dollar_2 SearchUser Defined Dollar 2DLR14_RBS0_STR$Currency14
35User_Defined_Dollar_3 SearchUser Defined Dollar 3DLR14_RBS0_STR$Currency14
36User_Defined_Dollar_4 SearchUser Defined Dollar 4DLR14_RBS0_STR$Currency14
37USRDAT01 SearchUser Defined Date 1DTDate8
38USRDAT02 SearchUser Defined Date 2DTDate8
39User_Defined_Date_3 SearchWS User Defined Date 3DATEDate6
40User_Defined_Date_4 SearchWS User Defined Date 4DATEDate6
41User_Defined_CB_1 SearchUser Defined CB 1CBBoolean0
42User_Defined_CB_2 SearchUser Defined CB 2CBBoolean0
43User_Defined_CB_3 SearchUser Defined CB 3CBBoolean0
44User_Defined_CB_4 SearchUser Defined CB 4CBBoolean0
45Active_User_Define_1 SearchActive User Define 1STR30String30
46Active_User_Define_2 SearchActive User Define 2STR30String30
47Active_User_Define_3 SearchActive User Define 3STR30String30
48Active_User_Define_4 SearchActive User Define 4STR30String30
49Active_User_Define_5 SearchActive User Define 5STR30String30
50Active_User_Define_6 SearchActive User Define 6STR30String30
51Active_User_Define_7 SearchActive User Define 7STR30String30
52Active_User_Define_8 SearchActive User Define 8STR30String30
53Active_User_Define_9 SearchActive User Define 9STR30String30
54Active_User_Define_10 SearchActive User Define 10STR30String30
55MODIFDT SearchModified DateDTDate8
56Modified_Time SearchModified TimeTM6Time6
57MDFUSRID SearchModified User IDSTR15String15
Key to the Users Master (SY01400).

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       ['Job User Defined Master History'].MDFUSRID AS 'Job User Defined Master History-Modified User ID'
       ,['Users Master'].USERID AS 'Users Master-User ID'
       JC30107 AS ['Job User Defined Master History']
       DYNAMICS..SY01400 AS ['Users Master']
                     ['Job User Defined Master History'].MDFUSRID = ['Users Master'].USERID
58WSReserved_CB1 SearchWSReserved CB1CBBoolean0
59WSReserved_CB2 SearchWSReserved CB2CBBoolean0
60WSReserved_CB3 SearchWSReserved CB3CBBoolean0
61WSReserved_CB4 SearchWSReserved CB4CBBoolean0
62WSReserved_CB5 SearchWSReserved CB5CBBoolean0
63WSReserved_CB6 SearchWSReserved CB6CBBoolean0
64WSReserved_CB7 SearchWSReserved CB7CBBoolean0
65WSReserved_CB8 SearchWSReserved CB8CBBoolean0
66WSReserved_CB9 SearchWSReserved CB9CBBoolean0
67WSReserved_CB10 SearchWSReserved CB10CBBoolean0
68WSReserved_STR1 SearchWSReserved STR1STR10String10
69WSReserved_STR2 SearchWSReserved STR2STR10String10
azurecurveProductsWennSoft Products (131)3rd PartyJob User Defined Master History (JC30107)

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