Tax Return Detail (TX00304)taxReturn (TX00300)taxReturnEuInputTax (TX00302)taxReturnException (TX00301)taxReturnGLException (TX00303)UK Electronic VAT Response Master (VAT00100)UK Electronic VAT Setup (VAT40100)UK VAT Electronic Errors (VAT00600)VAT Daybook Annual VAT (EDCVAT15)VAT Daybook BE Electronic Tax Declaration Setup (EDCVAT41)VAT Daybook Branch (EDCVAT21)VAT Daybook Calendar Header (EDCVAT02)VAT Daybook Calendar Line (EDCVAT03)VAT Daybook Credit Tax Schedule Setup (EDCVAT13)VAT Daybook Declaration Header (EDCVAT30)VAT Daybook Declaration Line (EDCVAT31)VAT Daybook Electronic Tax Declaration Setup (EDCVAT20)VAT Daybook Header (EDCVAT05)VAT Daybook Header (EDCVAT05)VAT Daybook ICVAT (EDCVAT16)Vat Daybook ICVAT NL (EDCVAT34)VAT Daybook Import Header (EDCVAT32)VAT Daybook Import Line (EDCVAT33)VAT Daybook Line (EDCVAT06)VAT Daybook Modelo 347 Cash Act Setup (EDCVAT43)VAT Daybook Report (EDCVAT04)VAT Daybook Report Options (EDCVAT09)Vat Daybook Reports Electronic Submission (VAT00400)VAT Daybook Summary BELGIUM (EDCVAT18)VAT Daybook Summary Report Template (EDCVAT08)VAT Daybook Tax Detail Options (EDCVAT12)VAT Daybook Tax Options (EDCVAT14)VAT Daybook Tax Options Header (EDCVAT17)VAT Daybook Threshold (EDCVAT11)vatDaybook ReverseCharge TaxDetail Setup (EDCVAT40)vatDaybookBEPeriodStatus (EDCVAT42)vatDaybookCanTaxSummRepOptions1 (EDCVAT23)vatDaybookCanTaxSummRepOptions2 (EDCVAT24)vatDaybookITCCalculation (EDCVAT25)vatDaybookITCCalculationTemp (EDCVAT26)vatDaybookITCColumnCode (EDCVAT22)vatDaybookReverseChargeTaxDetailSetup (EDCVAT35)

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