Navigation List Matched Tables (NLB11000)

azurecurveProductsSmartList Builder (3830)SystemNavigation List Matched Tables (NLB11000)

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Product: SmartList Builder (3830)
Series: System

Display Name: Navigation List Matched Tables
Physical Name: NLB11000
Technical Name: NLB_Additional_Tables

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1Navigation_ID SearchNavigation List IDSTR15_LBAUString1615
2Table_Number SearchTable NumberINT5Integer24
3Additional_Table_Number SearchAdditional Table NumberINT5Integer24
4PRODID SearchProduct IDINT4Integer24
5TABLTECH SearchTable Technical NameSTR79String8079
6TABLDESC SearchTable DescriptionSTR50String5250
7TBLPHYSNM SearchTable Physical NameSTR50String5250
azurecurveProductsSmartList Builder (3830)SystemNavigation List Matched Tables (NLB11000)

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