CIS Setup (CIS40000)

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Product: MIS-AMS Extensions (3459)
Series: Purchasing

Display Name: CIS Setup
Physical Name: CIS40000
Technical Name: CIS_SETP

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1UNIQKEY SearchKeySTR1String1
2CISTDIVPOST SearchCIS True Divisional PostingCB_CIS_True_Divisional_PostingBoolean0
3DIVACTSG SearchDivisional Account SegmentDDL_Divisional_Account_SegmentInteger0
4CIS4PINDX SearchCIS 4(P) Account IndexLI_14Long Integer14
5CIS4TINDX SearchCIS 4(T) Account IndexLI_14Long Integer14
6CIS5INDX SearchCIS 5 Account IndexLI_14Long Integer14
7CIS6INDX SearchCIS 6 Account IndexLI_14Long Integer14
8CISEXPCHK SearchCIS Cert Expiry Days CheckINT4_Days_To_ExpireInteger4
9PCHSCHID SearchPurchase Schedule IDSTR15_LBAUString15
Key to the Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master (TX00101).

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       ['CIS Setup'].PCHSCHID AS 'CIS Setup-Purchase Schedule ID'
       ,['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master'].TAXSCHID AS 'Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master-Tax Schedule ID'
       CIS40000 AS ['CIS Setup']
       TX00101 AS ['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master']
                     ['CIS Setup'].PCHSCHID = ['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master'].TAXSCHID
10NXTCIS23 SearchNext CIS23 VoucherSTR12_Next_CIS23_VoucherString12
11NXTCIS25 SearchNext CIS25 VoucherSTR15_Next_CIS25_VoucherString15
12CIS_Account_Index SearchCIS Account IndexLI_14Long Integer14

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