AME PM Transactions (AME20000)AMS Vendor MSTR (AMS00200)AMS Job MSTR (AMS00201)AMS WO MSTR (AMS00203)AMS Key Mater File (AMS00400)AMS PM Transaction Job Control (AMS00401)AMS POP Transaction Job Control (AMS00402)CIS Creditor Master File (CIS00200)CIS Creditor Master File (CIS00201)CIS_Rates (CIS00302)CIS Batch Header (CIS00500)CIS_Payment_Apply_WORK (CIS10201)CIS Payment WORK (CIS10300)CIS Payment WORK Virtual (CIS1030V)CIS Payment WORK Virtual 2007 (CIS1031V)CIS Payables Transactions (CIS20000)CIS POP Receipts (CIS20100)CIS Apply To OPEN OPEN Temporary File (CIS20100)CIS Payment Credit Link File (CIS30200)CIS Vouchers (CIS30201)CIS Apply To History File (CIS30300)CIS Setup (CIS40000)MAV PM Distribution (MAV20200)MAV POP Receipts (MAV20300)MAV POP Distribution (MAV20390)MAV Setup (MAV40000)

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