Bank Account Master (PA00010)Commission History (RM30501)Customer Checks Setup (PA00002)Customer Checks Work (PA50100)Customer Master Address File (RM00102)Customer Master Summary (RM00103)Customer Period Summary (RM00104)Customer RM Applied Work (PA50102)Customer Vendor Master (PA00001)Document Type Setup File (RM40401)Extended Pricing Base Currencies (SOP40708)Extended Pricing Base Prices (SOP40702)Extended Pricing Customer Price Report (SOP40700)Extended Pricing Generate Dates (SOP40705)Extended Pricing Group Currencies (SOP40709)Extended Pricing Price Book Header (SOP10109)Extended Pricing Price Book Prices (SOP40706)Extended Pricing Price Book Work (SOP10205)Extended Pricing Price Group Header (SOP10108)Extended Pricing Price List Report (SOP40701)Extended Pricing Price Sheet Header (SOP10110)Extended Pricing Price Sheet Links (RM00500)Extended Pricing Promotion Inquiry Temp (SOP50400)Extended Pricing Promotion Report Temp (SOP50401)Extended Pricing Promotion Work (SOP10204)Extended Pricing Quantity Breaks (SOP40703)Extended Pricing Quantity Breaks For Price Sheet (SOP40704)Invoicing Batch History (IVC30100)Invoicing Commissions (IVC10400)Invoicing Distributions (IVC10300)Invoicing Document Header Temp (IVC50100)Invoicing Document Setup (IVC40101)Invoicing Line Comments (IVC10103)Invoicing Payments Work (IVC10200)Invoicing Serial and Lot Number Work (IVC10102)Invoicing Setup (IVC40100)Invoicing Taxes (IVC10500)Invoicing Transaction Amounts History (IVC30102)Invoicing Transaction Amounts Work (IVC10101)Invoicing Transaction History (IVC30101)Invoicing Transaction Work (IVC10100)Lock Box Activity Tracking Master (paActvty)Lockbox Cash Work (palbCash)Lockbox Invoice Work (palbInvc)Lockbox Master (palbmstr)Lockbox Record Types (palbrdty)Lockbox Setup (palbsetp)Lockbox Setup Details (palbdtl)MC RM Distribution Temp File (MC10101)Multicurrency Receivables Transactions (MC020102)Multicurrency Receivables Transactions Debit Copy (MC020102)Multicurrency RM Revaluation Activity (MC020104)Project Costing Master (PT00101)Project Costing Setup (PT40100)Project Distributions (PT10000)Receivables GL Distribution History (RM30301)RM Aging Reconcile Control (RM10901)RM Apply History File (RM30201)RM Apply Open File (RM20201)RM Apply Reprint Journal File (RM30202)RM Batch History (RM30502)RM Cash Receipts Work File (RM10201)RM Class Intrastat MSTR (VAT10100)RM Commission Work File (RM10501)RM CustAnalysis Options SETP (RM40701)RM Customer Intrastat MSTR (VAT10101)RM Customer MSTR (RM00101)RM Distribution Work File (RM10101)RM Email Statements Header Temporary File (RM50103)RM Email Statements Header Temporary File 2 (RM50105)RM Email Statements Transactions Temporary File (RM50104)RM History File (RM30101)RM History Removal Tempoary File (RM50100)RM Key File (RM00401)RM Module Setup File (RM40101)RM National Accounts Master (RM00105)RM Open File (RM20101)RM Open File Debit Copy (RM20101)RM Period Setup (RM40201)RM Realtime Posting File (RM20102)RM Report Options (RM00700)RM Reprint Statements Header File (RM30701)RM Reprint Statements Identifier File (RM40102)RM Reprint Statements Transactions File (RM30702)RM Sales Work File (RM10301)RM Salesperson Master (RM00301)RM Scheduled Payment Header (RM20400)RM Scheduled Payment Header History (RM30401)RM Scheduled Payment Header View (RMV0100)RM Scheduled Payment Line (RM20401)RM Statement Messages Setup File (RM40601)RM Statements E-mail Addresses (RM00106)RM Statements Options File (RM40501)RM Tax History File (RM30601)RM Tax Work File (RM10601)RM Unpaid Removed Commissions (RM10504)RMPMOpen (PA50105)RM_Class_MSTR (RM00201)Sales Batch History (SOP30100)Sales Bulk Print Header (SOP10206)Sales Bulk Print Line (SOP10207)Sales Commissions Work and History (SOP10101)Sales Customer Item Cross Reference (SOP60300)Sales Customer Item Substitute (SOP00300)Sales Default Process Holds Setup (SOP40201)Sales Deposit History (SOP30201)Sales Distribution Work and History (SOP10102)Sales Document Header Temp (SOP50200)Sales Document Line Temp (SOP50300)Sales Document Setup (SOP40300)Sales Error Log Temp (SOP50700)Sales Holds Processing (SOP50500)Sales ID Setup Temp (SOP50600)Sales Inquiry Restrictions (SOP70100)Sales Line Comment Work and History (SOP10202)Sales Master Number Setup (SOP40500)Sales Non-IV Item Currency Setup (SOP40600)Sales Order Bin Quantities Work and History (SOP10203)Sales Payment Work and History (SOP10103)Sales Picking Instruction Cross Reference (SOP60200)Sales Picking Instruction Master (SOP10111)Sales Process Documents Temp (SOP50100)Sales Process Holds Master (SOP00100)Sales Process Holds Work and History (SOP10104)Sales Prospect Master (SOP00200)Sales Serial/Lot Work and History (SOP10201)Sales Setup (SOP40100)Sales Taxes Work and History (SOP10105)Sales Territory Master File (RM00303)Sales Territory Master Summary (RM00305)Sales Tracking Numbers Work History (SOP10107)Sales Transaction Amounts History (SOP30300)Sales Transaction Amounts Work (SOP10200)Sales Transaction History (SOP30200)Sales Transaction Work (SOP10100)Sales Type ID Setup (SOP40200)Sales User Defined Table Setup (SOP40400)Sales User-Defined Work History (SOP10106)Sales Workflow Setup (SOP40101)Sales Workflow Work and History (SOP10112)Salesperson Master Summary File (RM00302)SOP_POPLink (SOP60100)Statements Emailed Header Temp (RM50101)Statements Emailed RecipientsTemp (RM50102)Vendor PM Applied Work (PA50103)

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