Payroll Work Pay Code (UPR10203)

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Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP (0)
Series: Payroll

Display Name: Payroll Work Pay Code
Physical Name: UPR10203
Technical Name: UPR_WORK_Pay_Type

Group Display Name: Payroll Check Work
Group Technical Name: Payroll Check Work

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1USERID SearchUser IDSTR15_User_IDString1615
Key to the Users Master (SY01400).

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       ['Payroll Work Pay Code'].USERID AS 'Payroll Work Pay Code-User ID'
       ,['Users Master'].USERID AS 'Users Master-User ID'
       UPR10203 AS ['Payroll Work Pay Code']
       DYNAMICS..SY01400 AS ['Users Master']
                     ['Payroll Work Pay Code'].USERID = ['Users Master'].USERID
2PYRNTYPE SearchPay Run TypeGBInteger20
3EMPLOYID SearchEmployee IDSTR15_Employee_IDString1615
4TRXNUMBER SearchTRX NumberLI8_U0Long Integer48
5PAYRCORD SearchPay RecordSTR6_Payroll_CodeString86
6PRCSSQNC SearchProcess SequenceINTInteger20
7PAYTYPE SearchPay TypeDDL_Pay_TypesInteger20
8BSPAYRCD SearchBase Pay RecordSTR6_Payroll_CodeString86
9BSPAYTYP SearchBase Pay TypeDDL_Pay_TypesInteger20
10BSDONRTE SearchBased On RateDLR11_$S2Currency1014
11PAYRTAMT SearchPay Rate AmountDLR11_$S2Currency1014
12PAYUNIT SearchPay UnitSTR25String2625
13PAYUNPER SearchPay Unit PeriodDDL_Pay_PeriodsInteger20
14PAYPEROD SearchPay PeriodDDL_Pay_PeriodsInteger20
15PAYPRPRD SearchPay Per PeriodDLR11_$S2Currency1014
16PAYADVNC SearchPay AdvanceDLR11_$U2Currency1014
17TIMETYPE_I SearchTime TypeDDL_Time_TypesInteger20
18TIMEAVAILABLE SearchTime AvailableDLR11_S2Currency1011
19ACRUVACN SearchAccrue VacationCB_VacationBoolean20
20ACRUSTIM SearchAccrue Sick TimeCB_Sick_TimeBoolean20
21RPTASWGS SearchReport As WagesCB_Report_As_WagesBoolean20
22DAYSWRDK SearchDays WorkedLI6_S2Long Integer46
23WKSWRKD SearchWeeks WorkedLI6_S2Long Integer46
24RECEIPTS SearchReceiptsDLR11_$S2Currency1014
25TipType SearchTip TypeDDL_Type_of_TipsInteger20
26DEPRTMNT SearchDepartmentSTR6_Payroll_CodeString86
27JOBTITLE SearchJob TitleSTR6_Payroll_CodeString86
28STATECD SearchState CodeSTR2_State_CodeString42
29LOCALTAX SearchLocal TaxSTR6_Payroll_CodeString86
30SUTASTAT SearchSuta StateSTR2_State_CodeString42
31WRKRCOMP SearchWorkers CompSTR6_Payroll_CodeString86
32UNTSTOPY SearchUnits To PayDLR11_S2Currency1011
33ADJUNITS SearchAdjusted UnitsDLR11_$S2Currency1014
34TOTALPAY SearchTotal PayDLR11_$S2Currency1014
35BCHSOURC SearchBatch SourceSTR15String1615
36PRTRXSRC SearchPayroll TRX SourceLI8_U0Long Integer48
37LASTUSER SearchLast UserUser_IDString1615
The key to the Users Master (SY01400).

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       ['Payroll Work Pay Code'].LASTUSER AS 'Payroll Work Pay Code-Last User'
       ,['Users Master'].USERID AS 'Users Master-User ID'
       UPR10203 AS ['Payroll Work Pay Code']
       DYNAMICS..SY01400 AS ['Users Master']
                     ['Payroll Work Pay Code'].LASTUSER = ['Users Master'].USERID
38LSTDTEDT SearchLast Date EditedDT_DateDate46
39TRXBEGDT SearchTRX Beginning DateDTDate48
40TRXENDDT SearchTRX Ending DateDTDate48
41BLDCHWRG SearchBuild Check WarningsML_Build_Check_WarningsLong Integer40
42BLDCHERR SearchBuild Check ErrorsML_Build_Check_ErrorsLong Integer40
43SHFTCODE SearchShift CodeSTR6_Payroll_CodeString86
44SHFTPREM SearchShift PremiumDLR11_$S2Currency1014
45DEX_ROW_ID Searchintint1010

DEX_ROW_ID is an auto-numbered IDENTITY column used internally by Dexterity for lock management; it should not be used by developers to identify any particular piece of information.

Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez has a good write up on the DEX_ROW_ID column.

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