Item Purchasing (IV00106)

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Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP (0)
Series: Inventory

Display Name: Item Purchasing
Physical Name: IV00106
Technical Name: ivItemPurch

Group Display Name: Item Master
Group Technical Name: Item Master

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1ITEMNMBR SearchItem NumberStringSTR30_Item_Number30
Key to the Item Master (IV00101).

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       ['Item Purchasing'].ITEMNMBR AS 'Item Purchasing-Item Number'
       ,['Item Master'].ITEMNMBR AS 'Item Master-Item Number'
       IV00106 AS ['Item Purchasing']
       IV00101 AS ['Item Master']
                     ['Item Purchasing'].ITEMNMBR = ['Item Master'].ITEMNMBR
2UOFM SearchU Of MStringU_Of_M8
The unit of measure. The value in this field must exist in Inventory.
3QTYBSUOM SearchQTY In Base U Of MCurrencyDLR17_QTY_RBS0_STR17
4UMPUROPT SearchU Of M Purchases OptionsIntegerDDL_UofM_Purchases0

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