Report Option Names (SY70300)

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Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP (0)
Series: Company

Display Name: Report Option Names
Physical Name: SY70300
Technical Name: SY_Report_Names_ROPT

Group Display Name: Report Options
Group Technical Name: Report Options

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1RTGRSBIN SearchReport Group Sub IndexDLR14Currency14
2RTPACHIN SearchReport Palette Choice IndexINTInteger0
3RPTGRIND SearchReport Group IndexINTInteger0
4RPTGRNMS SearchReport Group NamesSTR20String20
5RTCFGWIN SearchReport Configure WindowINTInteger0
6DEX_ROW_ID Searchintint10

DEX_ROW_ID is an auto-numbered IDENTITY column used internally by Dexterity for lock management; it should not be used by developers to identify any particular piece of information.

Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez has a good write up on the DEX_ROW_ID column.

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