Sales Setup (SOP40100)

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Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP (0)
Series: Sales

Display Name: Sales Setup
Physical Name: SOP40100
Technical Name: SOP_SETP

Group Display Name: Sales Setup
Group Technical Name: Sales Setup

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1COMMNTID SearchComment IDSTR15_Comment_IDString15
Key to the Comment Master (SY04200).

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       ['Sales Setup'].COMMNTID AS 'Sales Setup-Comment ID'
       ,['Comment Master'].COMMNTID AS 'Comment Master-Comment ID'
       SOP40100 AS ['Sales Setup']
       SY04200 AS ['Comment Master']
                     ['Sales Setup'].COMMNTID = ['Comment Master'].COMMNTID
2SETUPKEY SearchSetup KeyINTInteger0
3DPYITMCS SearchDisplay Item Unit CostCB_Display_Item_Unit_CostBoolean0
4DQTYSWAR SearchDisplay Quantity Distribution WarningCB_Display_Quantity_Distribution_WarningBoolean0
5TRKVDTRX SearchTrack Voided Trx In HistoryCB_Track_Voided_Trx_In_HistoryBoolean0
6CALCKITC SearchCalculate Kit Price Based On Component CostCB_Calculate_Kit_Price_Based_On_Component_CostBoolean0
7NEWRATES SearchSearch for New Rates During TransferCB_Pull_New_Exchange_RatesBoolean0
8TRMSTNUM SearchTrack Master NumbersCB_Track_Master_NumbersBoolean0
9NXTMSTNO SearchNext Master NumberLI_MasterNumberLong Integer9
10QUOTE SearchQuoteCB_QuoteBoolean0
11PRDER SearchOrderCB_OrderBoolean0
12INVORETU SearchInvoice/ReturnCB_Invoice/ReturnBoolean0
13ACDSTRBN SearchAccount DistributionsCB_Account_DistributionsBoolean0
14LOCNCODE SearchLocation CodeSTR10_Location_CodeString10
Key to the Site Setup (IV40700).

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       ['Sales Setup'].LOCNCODE AS 'Sales Setup-Location Code'
       ,['Site Setup'].LOCNCODE AS 'Site Setup-Location Code'
       SOP40100 AS ['Sales Setup']
       IV40700 AS ['Site Setup']
                     ['Sales Setup'].LOCNCODE = ['Site Setup'].LOCNCODE
15CHEKBKID SearchCheckbook IDSTR15_Checkbook_IDString15
Key to the CM Checkbook Master (CM00100).

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       ['Sales Setup'].CHEKBKID AS 'Sales Setup-Checkbook ID'
       ,['CM Checkbook Master'].CHEKBKID AS 'CM Checkbook Master-Checkbook ID'
       SOP40100 AS ['Sales Setup']
       CM00100 AS ['CM Checkbook Master']
                     ['Sales Setup'].CHEKBKID = ['CM Checkbook Master'].CHEKBKID
16DFQTYSOP SearchDefault Quantity Shortage OptionsDDL_Quantity_Shortage_OptionsInteger0
17QUODOCID SearchQuote Document IDSTR15_LBAUString15
18ORDDOCID SearchOrder Document IDSTR15_LBAUString15
19BACDOCID SearchBack Order Document IDSTR15_LBAUString15
20INVDOCID SearchInvoice Document IDSTR15_LBAUString15
21RETDOCID SearchReturn Document IDSTR15_LBAUString15
22DECPLQTY SearchDecimal Places QTYSDDL_Decimal_Places_QTYSInteger0
23DECPLCUR SearchDecimal Places CurrencyDDL_Decimal_Places_DollarsInteger0
24USEACFRM SearchUse Posting Accounts FromGBInteger0
25USEADVTX SearchUse Advanced TaxesGBInteger0
26TAXSCHID SearchTax Schedule IDSTR15_Tax_Schedule_IDString15
Key to the Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master (TX00101).

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       ['Sales Setup'].TAXSCHID AS 'Sales Setup-Tax Schedule ID'
       ,['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master'].TAXSCHID AS 'Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master-Tax Schedule ID'
       SOP40100 AS ['Sales Setup']
       TX00101 AS ['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master']
                     ['Sales Setup'].TAXSCHID = ['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master'].TAXSCHID
27NONIVTXB SearchNon IV TaxableDDL_Tax_OptionsInteger0
28NONIVSCH SearchNon IV Item Schedule IDSTR15_Tax_Schedule_IDString15
29FRGTTXBL SearchFreight TaxableDDL_Tax_OptionsInteger0
30FRTSCHID SearchFreight Schedule IDSTR15_LBAUString15
Key to the Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master (TX00101).

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       ['Sales Setup'].FRTSCHID AS 'Sales Setup-Freight Schedule ID'
       ,['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master'].TAXSCHID AS 'Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master-Tax Schedule ID'
       SOP40100 AS ['Sales Setup']
       TX00101 AS ['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master']
                     ['Sales Setup'].FRTSCHID = ['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master'].TAXSCHID
31MISCTXBL SearchMisc TaxableDDL_Tax_OptionsInteger0
32MSCSCHID SearchMisc Schedule IDSTR15_LBAUString15
Key to the Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master (TX00101).

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       ['Sales Setup'].MSCSCHID AS 'Sales Setup-Misc Schedule ID'
       ,['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master'].TAXSCHID AS 'Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master-Tax Schedule ID'
       SOP40100 AS ['Sales Setup']
       TX00101 AS ['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master']
                     ['Sales Setup'].MSCSCHID = ['Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master'].TAXSCHID
33MPACKSLP SearchMatch Packing SlipDDL_Match_Packing_SlipInteger0
34MPICKTIC SearchMatch Picking TicketDDL_Match_Picking_TicketInteger0
35PriceLevelWarning SearchPriceLevelWarningPriceLevelWarningInteger0
36SOPALLOW SearchSOP AllowCBBoolean0
37SOPALLOW_1 SearchSOP Allow[1]CBBoolean0
38SOPALLOW_2 SearchSOP Allow[2]CBBoolean0
39SOPALLOW_3 SearchSOP Allow[3]CBBoolean0
40SOPALLOW_4 SearchSOP Allow[4]CBBoolean0
41SOPALLOW_5 SearchSOP Allow[5]CBBoolean0
42SOPALLOW_6 SearchSOP Allow[6]CBBoolean0
43SOPALLOW_7 SearchSOP Allow[7]CBBoolean0
44SOPALLOW_8 SearchSOP Allow[8]CBBoolean0
45SOPALLOW_9 SearchSOP Allow[9]CBBoolean0
46SOPALLOW_10 SearchSOP Allow[10]CBBoolean0
47SOPPSSWD SearchSOP PasswordPasswordString10
48SOPPSSWD_1 SearchSOP Password[1]PasswordString10
49SOPPSSWD_2 SearchSOP Password[2]PasswordString10
50SOPPSSWD_3 SearchSOP Password[3]PasswordString10
51SOPPSSWD_4 SearchSOP Password[4]PasswordString10
52SOPPSSWD_5 SearchSOP Password[5]PasswordString10
53SOPPSSWD_6 SearchSOP Password[6]PasswordString10
54SOPPSSWD_7 SearchSOP Password[7]PasswordString10
55SOPPSSWD_8 SearchSOP Password[8]PasswordString10
56SOPPSSWD_9 SearchSOP Password[9]PasswordString10
57SOPPSSWD_10 SearchSOP Password[10]PasswordString10
58IVCDSTCK SearchIVC Dist CheckML_IVC_Dist_CheckLong Integer0
59NUMOFTRX SearchNumber Of TRXLI6_U0Long Integer6
60USRDFPR1 SearchUser Defined Prompt 1STR15String15
61USRDRPR2 SearchUser Defined Prompt 2STR15String15
62USRDRPR3 SearchUser Defined Prompt 3STR15String15
63USRDRPR4 SearchUser Defined Prompt 4STR15String15
64USRDRPR5 SearchUser Defined Prompt 5STR15String15
65USRDRPR6 SearchUser Defined Prompt 6STR15String15
66USRDRPR7 SearchUser Defined Prompt 7STR15String15
67USRDRPR8 SearchUser Defined Prompt 8STR15String15
68USRDRPR9 SearchUser Defined Prompt 9STR15String15
69USRDRP10 SearchUser Defined Prompt 10STR15String15
70USRDRP11 SearchUser Defined Prompt 11STR15String15
71USRDRP12 SearchUser Defined Prompt 12STR15String15
72USRDFPR13 SearchUser Defined Prompt 13STR15String15
73USRDFPR14 SearchUser Defined Prompt 14STR15String15
74USRDFPR15 SearchUser Defined Prompt 15STR15String15
75USRDFPR16 SearchUser Defined Prompt 16STR15String15
76USRDFPR17 SearchUser Defined Prompt 17STR15String15
77CREATDDT SearchCreated DateDTDate8
78MODIFDT SearchModified DateDTDate8
79REQSHIP SearchRequested Date for PODDL_ReqShipDateInteger0
80REQDAYS SearchRequested Days AfterINT3_RB0_UInteger3
81SITEPREF SearchSite PreferenceDDL_SitePrefInteger0
82PREFSITE SearchPreferred SiteSTR10_Location_CodeString10
83REQDATEPO SearchRequired Date for PODDL_ReqDatePOInteger0
84Required_Days SearchRequired DaysINT3_RB0_UInteger3
85UMDEFAULT SearchU of M SelectionDDL_UofMSelectionInteger0
86COMBONPO SearchCombine On PO LineCB_CombineOnPOBoolean0
87TXBASECS SearchTax Base on CustomersCB_Tax_Base_On_CustomersBoolean0
88USEORGUC SearchUse Original Unit CostCB_Use_Original_Unit_CostBoolean0
89Prices_Not_Required_In_Pr SearchPrices Not Required In Price ListCB_Prices_Not_Required_In_Price_ListBoolean0
90PasswordUpper SearchPassword UpperPasswordString10
91Convert_Functional_Price SearchConvert Functional PriceCB_Convert_Functional_PriceBoolean0
92INDVPICKTICKETSORT SearchIndividual Picking Ticket SortDDL_IndividualPickTicketSortInteger0
93PRINTAVAILABLEBINS SearchPrint Available BinsDDL_PrintAvailableBinsInteger0
94FODOCID SearchFulfillment Order Document IDSTR15_LBAUString15
95CombineDropshipSOLines SearchCombine Dropship SO LinesCB_CombineDropshipSOLinesBoolean0
96CombineDropshipSODocs SearchCombine Dropship SO DocumentsCB_CombineDropshipSODocumentsBoolean0
97DEX_ROW_ID Searchintint10

DEX_ROW_ID is an auto-numbered IDENTITY column used internally by Dexterity for lock management; it should not be used by developers to identify any particular piece of information.

Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez has a good write up on the DEX_ROW_ID column.

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