Labor Code MSTR (LC010014)

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Product: Manufacturing (346)
Series: 3rd Party

Display Name: Labor Code MSTR
Physical Name: LC010014
Technical Name: Labor_Code_MSTR

Group Display Name: Manufacturing WIP
Group Technical Name: Manufacturing WIP

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1LABORCODE_I SearchLabor CodeSTR10String10
2CHANGEDATE_I SearchChange DateDTDate8
3LABCODEDESC_I SearchLabor Code DescriptionSTR_30String30
4USERID SearchUser IDSTR15_User_IDString15
Key to the Users Master (SY01400).

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       ['Labor Code MSTR'].USERID AS 'Labor Code MSTR-User ID'
       ,['Users Master'].USERID AS 'Users Master-User ID'
       LC010014 AS ['Labor Code MSTR']
       DYNAMICS..SY01400 AS ['Users Master']
                     ['Labor Code MSTR'].USERID = ['Users Master'].USERID
5LABCODEPAYCODESEL_I SearchLabor Code PayCode SelectGBInteger0
6PAYCODERATE1_I SearchPay Code Rate 1STR6_Payroll_CodeString6
7PAYCODERATE2_I SearchPay Code Rate 2STR6_Payroll_CodeString6
8PAYCODERATE3_I SearchPay Code Rate 3STR6_Payroll_CodeString6
9NOTEINDX SearchNote IndexDLR14Currency14
Key to the Record Notes Master (SY03900).

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       ['Labor Code MSTR'].NOTEINDX AS 'Labor Code MSTR-Note Index'
       ,['Record Notes Master'].NOTEINDX AS 'Record Notes Master-Note Index'
       LC010014 AS ['Labor Code MSTR']
       SY03900 AS ['Record Notes Master']
                     ['Labor Code MSTR'].NOTEINDX = ['Record Notes Master'].NOTEINDX
10LC_Labor_Applied SearchLC Labor Applied AccountLI_14Long Integer14
11LC_Fixed_Overhead SearchLC Fixed Overhead AccountLI_14Long Integer14
12LC_Variable_Overhead SearchLC Variable Overhead AccountLI_14Long Integer14
13COST_I SearchCostDLR17_RBSO_UTR$Currency17
14HOURPIECE1_I SearchHour Piece1DDL_Hour_PieceInteger0
15EFFECTIVEDATE_I SearchEffective Date0DTDate8
16FIXAMTORPCT_I SearchFixed Amount or PercentGBInteger0
17Fixed_Overhead_Amount SearchFixed Overhead AmountDLR17_RBS0_UTR$Currency17
18FIXOHDPCT_I SearchFixed Overhead PercentINTXXX.XXXXX%Long Integer8
19FIXOHDEFFDATE_I SearchFixed Overhead Effective DateDTDate8
20VARAMTORPCT_I SearchVariable Amount or PercentGBInteger0
21Variable_Overhead_Amount SearchVariable Overhead AmountDLR17_RBS0_UTR$Currency17
22VAROHDPCT_I SearchVariable Overhead PercentINTXXX.XXXXX%Long Integer8
23VAROHDEFFDATE_I SearchVariable Overhead Effective DateDTDate8
24PENDINGCOST_I SearchPending CostDLR17_RBSO_UTR$Currency17
25PENDINGHOURPIECE_I SearchPending Hour PieceDDL_Hour_PieceInteger0
26PENDEFFDATE_I SearchPending Effective DateDTDate8
27PENDFIXAMTORPCT_I SearchPending Fixed Amount or PercentGBInteger0
28PENDFIXOHDAMT_I SearchPending Fixed Overhead AmountDLR17_RBSO_UTR$Currency17
29PENDFIXOHDPCT_I SearchPending Fixed Overhead PercentINTXXX.XXXXX%Long Integer8
30PENDFIXOHDEFFDATE_I SearchPending Fixed Overhead Effective DateDTDate8
31PENDVARAMTORPCT_I SearchPending Variable Amount or PercentGBInteger0
32PENDVAROHDAMT_I SearchPending Variable Overhead AmountDLR17_RBSO_UTR$Currency17
33PENDVAROHDPCT_I SearchPending Variable Overhead PercentINTXXX.XXXXX%Long Integer8
34PENDVAROHDEFFDATE_I SearchPending Variable Overhead Effective DateDTDate8
35USELABORCODE SearchcbxUseLaborCodeCB_UseLaborCodeBoolean0
36DEX_ROW_ID Searchintint10

DEX_ROW_ID is an auto-numbered IDENTITY column used internally by Dexterity for lock management; it should not be used by developers to identify any particular piece of information.

Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez has a good write up on the DEX_ROW_ID column.

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