Office Master (SVC00902)

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Product: FieldService (949)
Series: Project

Display Name: Office Master
Physical Name: SVC00902
Technical Name: SVC_Office_MSTR

Group Display Name: Service Table Group
Group Technical Name: Service

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1OFFID SearchOffice IDSTR10_LBAUString10
2OFFNAME SearchOffice NameSTR20String20
3ADDRESS1 SearchAddress 1STR60String60
4ADDRESS2 SearchAddress 2STR60String60
5CITY SearchCitySTR35String35
6STATE SearchStateSTR30_StateString29
7ZIP SearchZipSTR10String10
8COUNTRY SearchCountrySTR60String60
9CNTCPRSN SearchContact PersonSTR60String60
10PHONE1 SearchPhone 1Phone_NumberString14
11FAXNUMBR SearchFax NumberSTR14_FAXString14
12TECHEMAIL SearchTech emailSTR98String98
13MANAGER SearchManagerSTR10String10
14TIMEZONE SearchTimeZoneSTR3_LBUString3
15LOCNCODE SearchLocation CodeSTR10_Location_CodeString10
Key to the Site Setup (IV40700).

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       ['Office Master'].LOCNCODE AS 'Office Master-Location Code'
       ,['Site Setup'].LOCNCODE AS 'Site Setup-Location Code'
       SVC00902 AS ['Office Master']
       IV40700 AS ['Site Setup']
                     ['Office Master'].LOCNCODE = ['Site Setup'].LOCNCODE
16LOCCODBK SearchLocation Code BackupSTR10_Location_CodeString10
17WORKDYS SearchWork DaysCBBoolean0
18WORKDYS_1 SearchWork Days[1]CBBoolean0
19WORKDYS_2 SearchWork Days[2]CBBoolean0
20WORKDYS_3 SearchWork Days[3]CBBoolean0
21WORKDYS_4 SearchWork Days[4]CBBoolean0
22WORKDYS_5 SearchWork Days[5]CBBoolean0
23WORKDYS_6 SearchWork Days[6]CBBoolean0
24WORKDYS_7 SearchWork Days[7]CBBoolean0
25WORKSTRT SearchWork StartTM6Time6
26WORKSTRT_1 SearchWork Start[1]TM6Time6
27WORKSTRT_2 SearchWork Start[2]TM6Time6
28WORKSTRT_3 SearchWork Start[3]TM6Time6
29WORKSTRT_4 SearchWork Start[4]TM6Time6
30WORKSTRT_5 SearchWork Start[5]TM6Time6
31WORKSTRT_6 SearchWork Start[6]TM6Time6
32WORKSTRT_7 SearchWork Start[7]TM6Time6
33WORKEND SearchWork EndTM6Time6
34WORKEND_1 SearchWork End[1]TM6Time6
35WORKEND_2 SearchWork End[2]TM6Time6
36WORKEND_3 SearchWork End[3]TM6Time6
37WORKEND_4 SearchWork End[4]TM6Time6
38WORKEND_5 SearchWork End[5]TM6Time6
39WORKEND_6 SearchWork End[6]TM6Time6
40WORKEND_7 SearchWork End[7]TM6Time6
41Return_Location_Code SearchReturn Location CodeSTR10_Location_CodeString10
42NOTEINDX SearchNote IndexDLR14Currency14
Key to the Record Notes Master (SY03900).

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       ['Office Master'].NOTEINDX AS 'Office Master-Note Index'
       ,['Record Notes Master'].NOTEINDX AS 'Record Notes Master-Note Index'
       SVC00902 AS ['Office Master']
       SY03900 AS ['Record Notes Master']
                     ['Office Master'].NOTEINDX = ['Record Notes Master'].NOTEINDX
43ADDRESS3 SearchAddress 3STR60String60
44DEX_ROW_ID Searchintint10

DEX_ROW_ID is an auto-numbered IDENTITY column used internally by Dexterity for lock management; it should not be used by developers to identify any particular piece of information.

Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez has a good write up on the DEX_ROW_ID column.

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