Depot Schedule Status (SVC06301)

azurecurveProductsFieldService (949)ProjectDepot Schedule Status (SVC06301)

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Product: FieldService (949)
Series: Project

Display Name: Depot Schedule Status
Physical Name: SVC06301
Technical Name: SVC_Depot_Schedule_Status

Group Display Name: Service Table Group
Group Technical Name: Service

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1DATE1 SearchDateDT6Date46
2TIME1 SearchTimeTM6Time46
3Status SearchStatusINTInteger20
4STRTDATE SearchStart DateDTDate48
5STRTTIME SearchStart TimeTM6Time46
6ENDDATE SearchEnd DateDTDate48
7ENDTIME SearchEnd TimeTM6Time46
8DEX_ROW_ID Searchintint1010

DEX_ROW_ID is an auto-numbered IDENTITY column used internally by Dexterity for lock management; it should not be used by developers to identify any particular piece of information.

Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez has a good write up on the DEX_ROW_ID column.

azurecurveProductsFieldService (949)ProjectDepot Schedule Status (SVC06301)

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