v11 – Extender Macro Setup (EXT40200)

azurecurveProductsExtender (3107)Projectv11 - Extender Macro Setup (EXT40200)

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Product: Extender (3107)
Series: Project

Display Name: v11 - Extender Macro Setup
Physical Name: EXT40200
Technical Name: PT_Macro_Shortcut_SETP

Group Display Name: Extender Macros
Group Technical Name: Extender Macros

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1Shortcut_ID SearchPT Shortcut IDSTR15_Address_CodeString1615
2Shortcut_Description SearchPT Shortcut DescriptionSTR64String6664
3Shortcut_Type SearchPT Macro Shortcut TypePT Macro Shortcut TypeInteger20
4fileName SearchfileNameSTR255String256255
5HotKey SearchPT HotKeySTR1String21
6PRODID SearchProduct IDINT4Integer24
7FORMNAME SearchForm NameSTR79String8079
8WINNAME SearchWindow NameSTR79String8079
9FIELDNAM SearchField NameSTR30String3230
10NOTEINDX SearchNote IndexDLR14Currency1014
Key to the Record Notes Master (SY03900).

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       ['v11 - Extender Macro Setup'].NOTEINDX AS 'v11 - Extender Macro Setup-Note Index'
       ,['Record Notes Master'].NOTEINDX AS 'Record Notes Master-Note Index'
       EXT40200 AS ['v11 - Extender Macro Setup']
       SY03900 AS ['Record Notes Master']
                     ['v11 - Extender Macro Setup'].NOTEINDX = ['Record Notes Master'].NOTEINDX
11CREATDDT SearchCreated DateDTDate48
12CRUSRID SearchCreated User IDSTR15_User_IDString1615
13MODIFDT SearchModified DateDTDate48
14MDFUSRID SearchModified User IDSTR15String1615
Key to the Users Master (SY01400).

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       ['v11 - Extender Macro Setup'].MDFUSRID AS 'v11 - Extender Macro Setup-Modified User ID'
       ,['Users Master'].USERID AS 'Users Master-User ID'
       EXT40200 AS ['v11 - Extender Macro Setup']
       DYNAMICS..SY01400 AS ['Users Master']
                     ['v11 - Extender Macro Setup'].MDFUSRID = ['Users Master'].USERID
azurecurveProductsExtender (3107)Projectv11 - Extender Macro Setup (EXT40200)

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