Navigation Lists (EXT20230)

azurecurveProductsExtender (3107)ProjectNavigation Lists (EXT20230)

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Product: Extender (3107)
Series: Project

Display Name: Navigation Lists
Physical Name: EXT20230
Technical Name: EXT_Navigation_Lists

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1Extender_Navigation_List SearchExtender Navigation List IDLong IntLong Integer48
2Extender_Search_Name SearchExtender Search NameSTR64String6664
3Extender_Form_ID SearchExtender Form IDSTR15_LBAUString1615
4Search_Type SearchSearch TypeExtender Search TypeInteger20
5Column_Sizing SearchColumn SizingColumn SizingInteger20
6Colour_Code_CB SearchColour Code CBColour Code CBBoolean20
7Colour_Code_Field_ID SearchColour Code Field IDLong IntLong Integer48
8Navigation_Default_Actio SearchNavigation Default ActionLong IntLong Integer48
9Navigation_Default_Detai SearchNavigation Default DetailLong IntLong Integer48
azurecurveProductsExtender (3107)ProjectNavigation Lists (EXT20230)

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