Extender Solutions (EXT21000)

azurecurveProductsExtender (3107)ProjectExtender Solutions (EXT21000)

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Product: Extender (3107)
Series: Project

Display Name: Extender Solutions
Physical Name: EXT21000
Technical Name: EXT_Solutions

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1Extender_Solution_ID SearchExtender Solution IDLong IntLong Integer48
2Extender_Solution_Name SearchExtender Solution NameSTR64String6664
3CREATDDT SearchCreated DateDTDate48
4CRUSRID SearchCreated User IDSTR15_User_IDString1615
5MODIFDT SearchModified DateDTDate48
6MDFUSRID SearchModified User IDSTR15String1615
Key to the Users Master (SY01400).

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       ['Extender Solutions'].MDFUSRID AS 'Extender Solutions-Modified User ID'
       ,['Users Master'].USERID AS 'Users Master-User ID'
       EXT21000 AS ['Extender Solutions']
       DYNAMICS..SY01400 AS ['Users Master']
                     ['Extender Solutions'].MDFUSRID = ['Users Master'].USERID
azurecurveProductsExtender (3107)ProjectExtender Solutions (EXT21000)

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