Extender Event Conditions (EXT20402)

azurecurveProductsExtender (3107)ProjectExtender Event Conditions (EXT20402)

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Product: Extender (3107)
Series: Project

Display Name: Extender Event Conditions
Physical Name: EXT20402
Technical Name: EXT_Event_Conditions

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1Extender_Event_ID SearchExtender Event IDLong IntLong Integer48
2Action_Number SearchAction NumberINT5Integer24
3Condition_Number SearchCondition NumberINT5Integer24
4Field_ID SearchField IDLong IntLong Integer48
5Long_Field_Name SearchLong Field NameSTR100String102100
6ExtenderActionCondition SearchExtender Action ConditionExtender Action ConditionInteger20
7STRGA255 SearchString A 255STR255String256255
8STRGB255 SearchString B 255STR255String256255
9From_Amount SearchFrom AmountDLR19_$S2Currency1019
10To_Amount SearchTo AmountDLR19_$S2Currency1019
11From_Date SearchFrom DateDATEDate46
12TODATE SearchTo DateDATEDate46
13From_Time SearchFrom TimeTM6Time46
14To_Time SearchTo TimeTM6Time46
azurecurveProductsExtender (3107)ProjectExtender Event Conditions (EXT20402)

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