Encumbrance Received Transactions (ENC10500)

azurecurveProductsEncumbrance Management (3258)PurchasingEncumbrance Received Transactions (ENC10500)

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Product: Encumbrance Management (3258)
Series: Purchasing

Display Name: Encumbrance Received Transactions
Physical Name: ENC10500
Technical Name: ENC_PORcptApply

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1PONUMBER SearchPO NumberSTR17_POP_NumberString1817
2POLNENUM SearchPO Line NumberLI_Sequence_NumberLong Integer410
3POPTYPE SearchPOP TypeDDL_POP_TypeInteger20
4POPRCTNM SearchPOP Receipt NumberSTR17_POP_NumberString1817
5RCPTLNNM SearchReceipt Line NumberLI_Sequence_NumberLong Integer410
6Status SearchStatusINTInteger20
7GLPOSTDT SearchGL Posting DateDTDate48
8TRXDATE SearchTRX DateDT_DateDate46
9YEAR1 SearchYearYearInteger24
10PERIODID SearchPeriod IDINT3Integer23
11QTYSHPPD SearchQTY ShippedDLR17_QTY_RBS0_UTRCurrency1017
12QTYINVCD SearchQTY InvoicedDLR17_QTY_RBS0_UTRCurrency1017
13QTYRESERVED SearchQTY ReservedDLR17_QTY_RBS0_UTRCurrency1017
14INVINDX SearchInventory IndexLI_14Long Integer414
Key to the Account Index Master (GL00105).

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       ['Encumbrance Received Transactions'].INVINDX AS 'Encumbrance Received Transactions-Inventory Index'
       ,['Account Index Master'].ACTINDX AS 'Account Index Master-Account Index'
       ENC10500 AS ['Encumbrance Received Transactions']
       GL00105 AS ['Account Index Master']
                     ['Encumbrance Received Transactions'].INVINDX = ['Account Index Master'].ACTINDX
15UOFM SearchU Of MU_Of_MString108
16UMDPQTYS SearchU Of M Decimal Places QTYSDDL_Decimal_Places_QTYSInteger20
17UMQTYINB SearchU Of M QTY In BaseDLR17_QTY_RBS0_STRCurrency1017
18OREXTCST SearchOriginating Extended CostDLR17_RBS0_UTR$Currency1017
19LIQUDAMT SearchLiquidated AmountDLR19_$S2Currency1019
20REQDATE SearchRequired DateDATE_LDate40
21aaDimID SearchaaDimIDaaLONG_INTLong Integer48
22aaTrxDimID SearchaaTrxDimIDaaLONG_INTLong Integer48
23DEX_ROW_ID Searchintint1010

DEX_ROW_ID is an auto-numbered IDENTITY column used internally by Dexterity for lock management; it should not be used by developers to identify any particular piece of information.

Microsoft MVP Mariano Gomez has a good write up on the DEX_ROW_ID column.

azurecurveProductsEncumbrance Management (3258)PurchasingEncumbrance Received Transactions (ENC10500)

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