Collections – Printer Settings (CN40102)

azurecurveProductsCollections Management (1157)DexterityCollections - Printer Settings (CN40102)

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Product: Collections Management (1157)
Series: Dexterity

Display Name: Collections - Printer Settings
Physical Name: CN40102
Technical Name: CN_Printer_Settings

Group Display Name: Printer Settings
Group Technical Name: Printer_Settings

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1Printer_Index SearchPrinter IndexINTInteger20
2CNPRTNAM SearchCN Printer NameSTR80String8280
3CNWRKDIR SearchCN Working DirectorySTR255String256255
4CNFXMETH SearchCN Fax MethodINTInteger20
5CN_Print_Invoice_Format SearchCN Print Invoice FormatDDL CN Invoice FormatInteger20
6CN_Fax_Invoice_Format SearchCN Fax Invoice FormatDDL CN Invoice FormatInteger20
7STMNTID SearchStatement IDSTR15_LBAUString1615
8CNPRTSET SearchCN Printer SettingsTX32000Text232000
azurecurveProductsCollections Management (1157)DexterityCollections - Printer Settings (CN40102)

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