PM Address MSTR Extra (DE00200)

azurecurveProductsCashbook (1058)PurchasingPM Address MSTR Extra (DE00200)

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Product: Cashbook (1058)
Series: Purchasing

Display Name: PM Address MSTR Extra
Physical Name: DE00200
Technical Name: PM_Vendor_Address_Extra

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeLength
1VENDORID SearchVendor IDSTR_15_Vendor_IDString15
Key to the PM Vendor Master File (PM00200).

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       ['PM Address MSTR Extra'].VENDORID AS 'PM Address MSTR Extra-Vendor ID'
       ,['PM Vendor Master File'].VENDORID AS 'PM Vendor Master File-Vendor ID'
       DE00200 AS ['PM Address MSTR Extra']
       PM00200 AS ['PM Vendor Master File']
                     ['PM Address MSTR Extra'].VENDORID = ['PM Vendor Master File'].VENDORID
2ADRSCODE SearchAddress CodeSTR15_Address_CodeString15
3Cell_Phone SearchCell PhonePhone_NumberString14
4BNKACTNM SearchBank Account NumberSTR15String15
5BANKNAME SearchBank NameSTR30String30
6BANKID SearchBank IDSTR15_Bank_IDString15
7SWIFTADDR1 SearchSwift Address1STR111String11
8FRGNBANK SearchForeign BankCB_Foreign_BankBoolean0
9Electronic SearchElectronicCB_ElectronicBoolean0
10PYENTTYP SearchPayment Entry TypeGBInteger0

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0	Check
1	Cash
2	Credit Card
11ADDRESS1 SearchAddress 1STR60String60
12ADDRESS2 SearchAddress 2STR60String60
13ADDRESS3 SearchAddress 3STR60String60
14ADDRESS4 SearchAddress 4STR60String60
15VNDCTRCD SearchVendor Country CodeCountry CodeString3
16BNKCTRCD SearchBank Country CodeCountry CodeString3
17VNDDELCC SearchVendor Delivery Country CodeCountry CodeString3
azurecurveProductsCashbook (1058)PurchasingPM Address MSTR Extra (DE00200)

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