Recon Apply Deposit TRN (CB300112)

azurecurveProductsCashbook (1058)FinancialRecon Apply Deposit TRN (CB300112)

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Product: Cashbook (1058)
Series: Financial

Display Name: Recon Apply Deposit TRN
Physical Name: CB300112
Technical Name: CB_Recon_Apply_Deposit_TRN

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1APPLDAMT SearchApplied AmountDLR17_RBS0_STR$Currency1017
2DISTKNAM SearchDiscount Taken AmountDLR17_RBS0_UTR$Currency1017
3CB_Applied_To_Number SearchCB_Applied_To_NumberSTR20String2220
4DUEDATE SearchDue DateDTDate48
5BACHNUMB SearchBatch NumberSTR15_LBAUString1615
6depositnumber SearchDeposit NumberSTR20_Document_NumberString2220
7CB_Ref_No SearchCB_Ref_NoCB_STR15NoNegativeString1615
8WROFAMNT SearchWrite Off AmountDLR17_RBS0_STR$Currency1017
azurecurveProductsCashbook (1058)FinancialRecon Apply Deposit TRN (CB300112)

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