Partial Recon table (CB900036)

azurecurveProductsCashbook (1058)FinancialPartial Recon table (CB900036)

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Product: Cashbook (1058)
Series: Financial

Display Name: Partial Recon table
Physical Name: CB900036
Technical Name: CB_Recon_Partial

Seq NoPhysical NameDisplay NameDexterity Data TypeSQL Data TypeSQL DB LengthKeyable Length
1CB_Last_Partial_Recon_AM SearchCB_Last_Partial_Recon_AMTDLR19_$S2Currency1019
2CB_Trans_Amount SearchCB_Trans_AmountCB_DLR19Currency1019
3CB_Recon_Trans_Type SearchCB_Recon_Trans_TypeINTInteger20
4CB_Document_Number_25 SearchCB_Document_Number_25CB_Document_Number_25String2625
5CB_Current_Period SearchCB_Current_PeriodbooleanBoolean20
6CHEKBKID SearchCheckbook IDSTR15_Checkbook_IDString1615
Key to the CM Checkbook Master (CM00100).

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       ['Partial Recon table'].CHEKBKID AS 'Partial Recon table-Checkbook ID'
       ,['CM Checkbook Master'].CHEKBKID AS 'CM Checkbook Master-Checkbook ID'
       CB900036 AS ['Partial Recon table']
       CM00100 AS ['CM Checkbook Master']
                     ['Partial Recon table'].CHEKBKID = ['CM Checkbook Master'].CHEKBKID
7CB_Unpartial_Current_Per SearchCB_Unpartial_Current_PeriodbooleanBoolean20
azurecurveProductsCashbook (1058)FinancialPartial Recon table (CB900036)

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