CB_Distribution (CB100000)CBM PostedTransactions Batch Number (CB100003)Records Locked Table (CB100006)Access Setup table (CB100007)Build Deposits Enquiry (CB100008)Print Cheques (CB100009)Conversion Exclusion Table (CB100010)Link CB to RM (CB100011)Applied Payment Transactions (CB100012)Clear Activity History (CB100013)Recon Details Master (CB110001)Cashbook Batch Header (CB110002)History Recon Cheque Trn (CB111005)Recon Transaction (CB200001)Deposit Header (CB200002)Bank Transfer Record Lock (CB200006)Bank Setup (CB200007)Build Deposits Records Locked (CB200008)Applied Deposit Transactions (CB200010)Lowest Shrunk Numbers (CB200011)Recon Apply Check Header (CB200112)Applied Cash Receipt Transactions (CB200210)Bank Transfers Table (CB220003)Print Recon Transaction (CB220004)History Recon Deposit Header (CB220005)Reconcile Applied Cash Receipt Transactions (CB220210)Batch Entry Records Locked (CB300006)Payables Computer Cheques History (CB300007)Default Exchange Table (CB300010)Build Deposits Temp (CB300088)Recon Apply Deposit TRN (CB300112)Recon Batch Header (CB330001)Cashbook Historical Print table (CB330009)Recon Receipts Transaction (CB330222)Deposit Transaction (CB332222)Deposit Recurring (CB333002)Cash Receipt Transaction (CB333222)History Recon Deposit Transaction (CB333555)History Recon Transaction (CB400005)Setup Records Locked (CB400006)Cashbook Period Table (CB400009)Recon Checks Apply Transaction (CB400012)Print Chequebooks Temp (CB400077)History Apply Check Header (CB400110)PM Apply To WORK OPEN File TEMP (CB400111)CB Document Setup (CB40401)Build Deposits History (CB440008)Recon Deposit Transaction (CB441111)Number Table (CB500002)Number Next (CB500006)PM Recon Transaction TEMP (CB500011)Recon Applied Deposit Transactions (CB500012)History Apply Deposit Transaction (CB500110)Recon Cheque Header (CB550001)Cashbook Print table (CB550005)History Build Deposits (CB550008)Payments Trn Details (CB550077)Reconcile Setup (CB600001)Print Table (CB600002)Reconciled amounts (CB600005)Voided Transactions (CB600007)UK Cheque WORDS (CB600009)History Applied Payment Transaction (CB600010)ABR Match Checkbook (CB600011)Numbers Used (CB600066)Recon Temp (CB700005)History Deposit Apply Transaction (CB700010)Temp Exchange (CB700012)Print Setup (CB700099)Apply Check Header (CB700111)Check Header (CB770002)History Recon Batch Header (CB770006)Recon Cheque Transaction (CB777001)Cashbook Setup (CB777044)Recon Temp2 (CB800005)Numbers Used TEMP 2 (CB800012)Saved Build Deposits (CB800088)Cheque Work Print (CB800099)Apply Cash Receipt Transaction (CB800111)Tax Table (CB800666)Link CB to RM Payments (CB801110)Recon Deposit Header (CB880001)History Bank Transfers Table (CB880004)Apply Deposit Transaction (CB880011)Check Transaction (CB888002)Recurring Tax Table (CB888066)BM Tax Date (CB900000)Recon Balances (CB900001)Sundry Creditors (CB900002)Cheque Return ENQ (CB900008)Conversions Run Table (CB900009)Checkbook Index table (CB900011)Transaction Log (CB900012)Debtor Import Batch Number (CB900013)Import Exception Report (CB900016)Import Deposit Exception (CB900017)Bank Transfers Reports Table (CB900020)Import Batch Names (CB900022)Cashbook Periods (CB900025)Upgrade table (CB900026)Payments Posting Temp (CB900028)Batch Recovery table (CB900031)Upgrade Version (CB900032)PM & RM Warnings table (CB900033)Final Reconcile Records Locked (CB900034)Enquiry Transactions (CB900035)Partial Recon table (CB900036)Check Recurring (CB900037)CB_Audit_Trails_Print (CB900038)CB_Audit_Trails (CB900039)CB_Recurring_Batches (CB900040)Link AP Receipts (CB900041)CB_Batch_Names (CB900042)CB_Batch_Numbers (CB900043)Link PC Remittance (CB900044)CB_Enquiry_Columns (CB900045)CB_Link_Recurring (CB900046)Link PC Duplicate Remittance (CB900047)Cashbook Cheque Register (CB900048)Print Cheque Numbers Temp (CB900049)Voiding Report Table (CB900050)Deposit Report Apply (CB900051)Payments Report Apply (CB900052)CB_Upgrade_Currency (CB900056)CB_Default_Tax (CB900057)Lockbox Holding (CB900058)Posting Errors (CB900229)Vat Printing Table (CB900555)Tax History (CB900666)Payments Import table (CB911115)Payments Correction Import table (CB911116)Build Deposit Transaction (CB990007)Link CB to PM (CB990010)History Bank Transfers From Table (CB990018)History Bank Transfers To Table (CB990019)Bank Transfers To Table (CB990021)Bank Transfers From table (CB990023)Bank Transfers Saved table (CB990024)PM Apply To OPEN OPEN Temporary File (CB990025)Deposits Posting Temp (CB990027)Palette Added table (CB990030)MC Deposit Report table (CB990114)Payments Report (CB991115)History Recon Cheque Header (CB999004)Real Fields Master Table (CBABR01)Retrieve Statement Setup Table (CBABR02)Bank Import Check Digit table (CBABR04)Bank Import Default Check Digit table (CBABR05)Bank Import Default Formula table (CBABR06)Bank Import Formula table (CBABR08)Statement Transactions Master Table (CBABR10)CB_Recon_Match_Temp (CBABR11)Bank Import Indicator Formula (CBABR15)Bank Import Date Amount Formula (CBABR16)Bank Import Default Import Setup (CBABR78)Bank Import Import Setup table (CBABR98)Import Numbers Used Temp (CBDEP001)Import Deposit Transaction (CBDEP002)Import Deposit Match (CBDEP003)Import Deposit Setup (CBDEP004)Import Deposit Batches (CBDEP005)Import Deposit Activity (CBDEP006)CE Setup table (CBEU1001)CE Transaction Type Access (CBEU1004)CE Reconcile table (CBEU1005)CE Tax Table (CBEU1007)CE Import Check Digit (CBEU1009)CE Import Default Check Digit (CBEU1010)CE Import Default Formula (CBEU1011)CE Import Default Import (CBEU1012)CE Import Formula (CBEU1013)CE Setup Banks table (CBEU1018)CE Activity (CBEU1020)CE Apply Match Print (CBEU1021)CE voided report temp table (CBEU1022)Euro Debtor Direct Debit Options (CBEU1023)CB_Euro_Unused_Numbers (CBEU1026)CE Import Import Setup (CBEU1027)CE Import table (CBEU1028)Euro PM Address MSTR Extra (CBEU1029)CE Transaction Work (CBEU1102)CE Transaction Types (CBEU1103)CE Posting Table Temp (CBEU1108)EBM Posting Table Temp (CBEU1109)CE Import Trn Types (CBEU1116)CE Cashbook Match Table (CBEU1166)EB Tax Date (CBEU9000)CE Reconcile History (CBEUH105)CE Tax Table History (CBEUH107)CE Cashbook Match Hist Table (CBEUH116)CE Transaction Work Hist (CBEUH122)Currency ISO Codes Master (CBMCISO1)

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