This site is up-to-date for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 RTM, but the site will still be viable for previous versions. However, you may find some columns or tables listed which are not in previous versions. If it is critical that you have a matching version, then consider purchasing Winthrop Development Consultant’s GP Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is an ISV add-on with many functions which installs into Dynamics GP and has a function which will always return the tables and columns for your version of Microsoft Dynamics GP; more information is available from the GP Power Tools Portal.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can use the search options below, or simply browse the site.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (0)Advanced Bank Reconciliation (2440)Advanced Security (3104)Advanced VAT (2474)Analysis Cubes for Excel (4621)Analytical Accounting (3180)Assign By Checkbook (3183)Cash Flow Management (1632)Cashbook (1058)Certification Manager (4933)Changer (342)Collections Management (1157)Company Archive (1755)Control Account Management (2416)CopierSeries (2992)Direct Debits & Refunds (8811)Dynamics Online Services (6499)Electronic Reconcile (1428)Employee Health and Wellness (4955)Encumbrance Management (3258)Enhanced Commitment Management (2547)Enhanced Intrastat (2788)Excel-Based Budgeting (1878)Extender (3107)FieldService (949)Fixed Assets (309)Grant Management (4421)HITB Report (5597)HRM Solution Series (1911)Human Resources (414)Interfund Management (1042)Manufacturing (346)Mekorma MICR (2404)Mekorma Multi-Batch Management (7150)Mekorma Products Manager (7156)MICR for Canadian Payroll (2916)MIS-AMS Extensions (3459)ML Checks (4067)Payment Document Management (2150)Payroll Integration to Payable (4522)Project Accounting (258)Purchase Order Enhancements (2277)Report Scheduler (3278)Revenue Expense Deferrals (1045)Safe Pay (1235)Scheduled Instalment (1150)SmartList (1493)SmartList Builder (3830)Technical Service Tools (1838)VAT Daybook (3096)WennSoft Products (131)

8 thoughts on “Products

  1. Joanne Herzog says:

    What version of Dynamics GP is this table reference for? I am looking for a GP206 R2 Table Reference. Thanks.

    1. Ian Grieve says:

      At the moment the site is up to date for GP 2016 R2, but will be updated soon for 2018.

  2. Ian Grieve says:

    I’m planning at taking a look at adding 3rd Party tables to the site once I have the update for GP 2018 completed.

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